Monday, August 30, 2010

One year wedding anniversary… check!

Warning… this is a long post. There is just so much to share!

Holy Wedding Bells Batman! Griff and I just celebrate our 1 year wedding anniversary! I can’t believe it’s been a year already since we stood up in front of God, our families, and our friends and pledged our love to each other. I am so lucky to be married to my best friend.

Friday we each took a half day from work so we could get on the road and head to San Antonio for a weekend away for our anniversary. Griff planned the whole weekend and I didn’t know anything other than we were going to Sea World on Saturday.

We stayed at the Watermark Hotel on the Riverwalk in Downtown San Antonio. It was a beautiful place and the service was excellent.

031 032

We had our own private balcony that over looked the Riverwalk. Awesome!

033 034

Once we were in settled in our room we decided to walk the Riverwalk and find some good San Antonio margaritas. We love to people watch so walking along the river sippin’ on some rita’s was right up our alley!

040 042

0827101643[1] (2)

Look! That’s our hotel room! Look! That’s my delicious margarita!


The next day we went to Sea World! I’ve been wanting to go to Sea World for a while now and I am so glad we did, we had a blast! Griff and I watch a lot of the Discovery Chanel and Animal Planet so we we were excited to see all the animals in person instead of on T.V.

141 143

First we headed to the Shark Exhibit. Now it’s a well know fact that sharks scare the poop out of me! I love the beach but I do not get into the water! The ocean is an entire world within our world that fascinates the heck out of the both of us. However, there is one difference between how I feel about the ocean and how Griff feels about the ocean. He practically had to drug me to get me to go snorkeling on our honeymoon. I’m glad I did it but I will never do it again. Check that off my list. Done. But I digress… back to the shark exhibit. Actually before we get to the sharks let’s talk about the dolphins. On the way to the sharks we passed the dolphins and it was feeding time so we got to see the trainers feeding the dolphins and we both actually got to touch a dolphin! If you’ve ever touched a dolphin you know what their skin feels like. I was anticipating their skin to feel rough like sandpaper but it was soooo soft and smooth! Of course I got a picture of Griff touching the dolphin but I can’t say the same for him. Ugh.

050 071 (2)

On to the the sharks! Right when you walk into the exhibit there is a live coral exhibit that was super cool to see. The colors were just amazing!

054 053

See why I don’t get into the water? For the love of God look at those teeth! Hee-bee-gee-bees!

062 063

Myeah… no thank you. Fascinating but I think I’ll pass.

059 061

We also saw poisonous frogs and creepy sea eels. Sea eels combine 2 of my fears. Open water and snakes. Put those 2 things together and you get an eel. Shudder.

067 069

After all the awesome underwater creepiness. We caught a show called Azul. Think Circ de Sole meets the water. It was an amazing show with performers/trainers, beluga whales, and dolphins. So cool!


073 079

074 107

The show had synchronized swimmers, performers that dove from the top of the building into the water, diving boards, and these swinging contraptions that vaulted performers into the air and into the water.

076 084

085 086

This chick was do acrobatics on ribbon! Seriously who grows up to have that job?

097 098


092 094 (2)

Swinging contraption things.

100 101

After the Azul show we rushed over to see the Shamu Show. There was only 1 afternoon show so everybody was going to see this show. Very crowded. Very hot. A lot of tempers. But worth it. These killer whales are huge. I mean HUGE. Check them out. See the baby on the left? She was so cute. Killer whales form a serious attachment to their mothers and follow them everywhere; remaining right by their mother’s side all the time.

115 116

Here’s a better shot of the baby. And that’s baby and Momma on the right.

117 133

118 124

137 126

After the Shamu Show we headed to the water park cause it was H-O-T and we needed to cool off. Griff cooled off in the water and I cooled off with one of my favorite treat, Dippin Dots. Mmmmmm!

138 139

After the water park we were going to ride some roller coasters but we decided that we’d had enough of the heat and the crowds of people so we headed back to the hotel to get into the roof top pool.

159 162


Like I said it was super hot out and our drinks were melting faster than we could drink em’. So we made them a little drink fort to keep them out of the sun.

144 145

Saturday night there was a UFC fight to watch so we headed to the only bar in downtown S.A. that was showing it. Yeah, seriously there was only 1 bar. We couldn’t believe it either.

150 151

After the fights were over we went back to our hotel to chill and eat a piece of our replica wedding cake. {We were advised not to save a piece of our actual wedding cake cause it would taste like bigfoot’s armpit. Ick!} I had the same bakery that made our wedding cake, Cakeism, make a cake that looked like our original wedding cake. I still love this cake! It was delicious but very rich!

152 153 (2)

Sunday morning we checked out of our hotel and headed to the Alamo. I’ve been to the Alamo before but not in a long time and Griff’s never been so it was cool for him to see. I warned him that the Alamo is a lot smaller than one would think. Sort of like the Mona Lisa. If you’ve ever seen that painting then you know that it’s SO small. But it’s the Mona Lisa so you think it’s gonna be big! Nope, small, just like the Alamo.

172 173

Here’s Griff showing the upmost respect for a piece of Texas history. He will never grow up… and that’s just fine with me.


171 170

After the Alamo we got in the car and set a course for home. We had a great weekend but we missed our girls, Charley and Eva, terribly and we wanted to get home soon! We had such a amazing time and I can’t believe how fast our first year of marriage went by. I love you babe and here’s too many, many more years with you by my side. Muah!


  1. ha! did you see andy and katiebeth at Sea World??? they were there on Saturday too! come on, such a small place, you HAD to have run into them five or six times! :)

  2. OMG! I did see them! But we were inside eating and there was no door near us. I never would have been able to make it through the crowds of people and screaming children to say hi to them before they walked off. I didn't have my phone on me either to send you a text.