Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Todd and Pam are now the Widmier’s!

My oldest and dearest best guy friend Todd married his sweetheart Pam this past weekend in Montgomery, Texas. It was a Texas themed outdoor wedding and it was beautiful! Todd was pretty much an adopted brother from the start. Traveling on family vacations to the beach with us every year. One year he brought Pam with him and well, we fell in love with her too!

Congratulations you two crazy kids!

LA in town 051 (2)

Look at these darling programs! And the cake, Texas shaped of course!

LA in town 049LA in town 059

Pam was just stunning!

LA in town 045LA in town 046

LA in town 051

Funny tid bit of information, Todd and Pam’s minister was my, {and Todd’s}, elementary school P.E. teacher! That was a blast from the past, I wasn’t expecting to see Mr. Lovelady conducting the ceremony! Whoa!

The whole fam was in attendance.

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I was a dancing fool that night, {which is a rarity for me}. Unfortunately, {or fortunately which ever way you look at it}, Griff only got my back side. That’s me with the T-Back dress. See what happens when the margarita’s flow like the salmon of Capistrano? Sheesh!

LA in town 069 (2) LA in town 072 (2)

Congratulations again Todd and Pam!

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