Friday, September 16, 2011

Come on Baby Light My Fire

I’m sure the band The Doors were not thinking about my fireplace when they made their 1967 hit Come On Baby Light My Fire. Which according to Wikipedia is ranked #35 on Rolling Stone's list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. Er, but I digress. Since we moved into our home in April ‘10 we’ve had the view of our lovely brass fireplace surround to great us when we walk into the front door. She gave me the stank eye everyday. I mean, wha’d tha hell did I do to her anyway? Bitch.


So while I might have bought what I needed to fix the brass beauty around, oh I don’t know, 9-ish months ago… I finally got the bug to actually do it. First I removed the fireplace surround. I was able to just pop off 1 side but the other side took some Griff muscle to pry her from her brass death grip.


Then I took her to the garage where she met her fate with this stuff, Rust-Oleum Flat Black Specialty High Heath Spray Paint. This stuff runs about $5 a can and I used 1 whole can.


I covered and taped the glass and brushed off any rust with some steal wool. Then I lightly, lightly, exfoliated her with 15 grit sandpaper. My first coat is shown on the right. I don’t remember how many coats I did, but I would cover it well then let it dry for an hour or so then apply another coat. When I was finished applying the entire can I let her dry overnight.


I have to say after her make-over she looks just gorg! Such a simple project with GIANT results. Why did I wait so long to do this?


Sunday, September 11, 2011

LSU beats tha crap out of Oregon

So last weekend we went to Dallas and to Cowboy Stadium, {AKA Jerry Land}, for the LSU vs. Oregon game. It was the first game of the 2011 LSU football season and the weekend did not disappoint. The Tiger’s won and the bourbon flowed like the Salmon of Capistrano. Griff’s Uncle Warren scored 4 tickets to the game but he couldn’t go. So he offered the tickets to G and I believe he said yes before Uncle Warren even finished asking him.

G asked our friend Sidgy, {pronounced CJ}, and G’s long time friend Thomas to go with us. Sidgy lives by us but Thomas lives in Houston. So me, G and Sidgy drove in but Thomas flew into Dallas and we picked him up from the airport.



Friday night we met with with G’s sister Noelle and her husband Brian. On our way out to dinner we spotted this fine LSU Tiger fan in the elevator.


After dinner I might have had my way with a giant deer.


Then we headed down to McKinney Street and commenced with the parting.


Game day!


Now, I had heard just how big and badass the Dallas Cowboy’s stadium was an let me tell you first hand it is. This place is HUGE! And the screen hanging from the ceiling over the field is GI-normous.



The Golden Band from Tiger Land takes the field.


If you think Thomas looks like he’d had a few that’s because he did. We all did. I think my liver is still recovering.


LSU beat Oregon 40 to 27. And thank God the Tigers won. That would have been a LONG drive back home with 2 pissed off boys.

068 069

2 Year Wedding Anniversary

You might remember our post from last year about our trip to San Antonio and our 1 year wedding anniversary. Well this year we kept it low key. Just dinner out and a night at home watching out wedding video. It all started with beautiful flowers delivered to my office. Griff knows that stargazer lilies are my favorite flowers and he did not disappoint. It smelled like a flower shop around my desk all week. Plus all the girls in my office were jealous. He he.


After work Griff took me to dinner at Ruth Chris Steakhouse. O.M.G. it was delicious. I got the filet that was like 2 inches think and served in melted butter. Griff got the T-Bone, also served in melted butter. For sides we ordered mashed potatoes, {which totally go against our Paleo way of eating}, and sautéed mushroom, {also served in melted butter}. Let me tell you Ruth Chris loves his butter. Even the mashed potatoes were served with a pool of butter. Nice.


G knows me so well. I am such a steak & potatoes girl. None of that fancy fish crap for me. Give me a plate of meat with a heaping side of smashed potatoes and I’m in heaven.


Full bellies of meat and a night at home with my man and our 2 furry girls watching our wedding video. It doesn’t get better than that.

Thanks for 2 wonderful years baby. I love you more today than the day I married you.