Sunday, September 11, 2011

2 Year Wedding Anniversary

You might remember our post from last year about our trip to San Antonio and our 1 year wedding anniversary. Well this year we kept it low key. Just dinner out and a night at home watching out wedding video. It all started with beautiful flowers delivered to my office. Griff knows that stargazer lilies are my favorite flowers and he did not disappoint. It smelled like a flower shop around my desk all week. Plus all the girls in my office were jealous. He he.


After work Griff took me to dinner at Ruth Chris Steakhouse. O.M.G. it was delicious. I got the filet that was like 2 inches think and served in melted butter. Griff got the T-Bone, also served in melted butter. For sides we ordered mashed potatoes, {which totally go against our Paleo way of eating}, and sautéed mushroom, {also served in melted butter}. Let me tell you Ruth Chris loves his butter. Even the mashed potatoes were served with a pool of butter. Nice.


G knows me so well. I am such a steak & potatoes girl. None of that fancy fish crap for me. Give me a plate of meat with a heaping side of smashed potatoes and I’m in heaven.


Full bellies of meat and a night at home with my man and our 2 furry girls watching our wedding video. It doesn’t get better than that.

Thanks for 2 wonderful years baby. I love you more today than the day I married you.

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