Sunday, September 11, 2011

LSU beats tha crap out of Oregon

So last weekend we went to Dallas and to Cowboy Stadium, {AKA Jerry Land}, for the LSU vs. Oregon game. It was the first game of the 2011 LSU football season and the weekend did not disappoint. The Tiger’s won and the bourbon flowed like the Salmon of Capistrano. Griff’s Uncle Warren scored 4 tickets to the game but he couldn’t go. So he offered the tickets to G and I believe he said yes before Uncle Warren even finished asking him.

G asked our friend Sidgy, {pronounced CJ}, and G’s long time friend Thomas to go with us. Sidgy lives by us but Thomas lives in Houston. So me, G and Sidgy drove in but Thomas flew into Dallas and we picked him up from the airport.



Friday night we met with with G’s sister Noelle and her husband Brian. On our way out to dinner we spotted this fine LSU Tiger fan in the elevator.


After dinner I might have had my way with a giant deer.


Then we headed down to McKinney Street and commenced with the parting.


Game day!


Now, I had heard just how big and badass the Dallas Cowboy’s stadium was an let me tell you first hand it is. This place is HUGE! And the screen hanging from the ceiling over the field is GI-normous.



The Golden Band from Tiger Land takes the field.


If you think Thomas looks like he’d had a few that’s because he did. We all did. I think my liver is still recovering.


LSU beat Oregon 40 to 27. And thank God the Tigers won. That would have been a LONG drive back home with 2 pissed off boys.

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