Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Magazine it OUT!!!!!!

OMG!! It’s here and it’s every bit as beautiful as we thought it would be! While we think that the The Knot Texas magazine peeps could have chosen better pics, {like the ones we took in the coin laundry mat across the street, or the funny group wedding party pics we took with our crazy friends}, we love it just the same! We are in a freakin’ magazine for cryin’ out loud!!!! I’ll say it again, O-M-G!!!

I got my 6 copies, copy of The Knot Texas at Wal-Mart cause technically I don’t think they are supposed to be out yet cause I couldn’t find it at Barnes & Noble, or Borders Books. This is what the magazine cover looks like and we are on pages 54-60. I Google searched for a picture of the cover and came up with nada. Guess it’s too new. I could get up off the couch, {from under the blanket}, get the camera, take a picture of the magazine sitting on my coffee table, then walk across the room to get the camera cord from out of my purse, then walk back to the couch, plug the cord into the computer, download the picture, then post it here. But that just sounds like a lot of work I’m not willing to do right now. Capish? Anyway, the cover is blue and in the bottom left hand corner make sure it says “Display until August 2”. If you find a green cover that says “Display until May 31”, well that my friends is the wrong one. I might have made this mistake, Mom too.

A GIANT thank you to my sweet friend, {and wedding photographer}, Sherry over at Sherry Hammonds Photography and my sweet friend, {and wedding planner}, Becky over at BZ Events for submitting our wedding to The Knot Texas magazine. To even be considered is amazing but to be chosen is utterly astonishing! Thank you guys so much for everything! Y’all made our wedding everything we ever wanted. And to my sweet Daddy & Momma, thank you for allowing this magical day to happen and for letting your Punkin’ Head have her day. I love you both all the way to God and back.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ooh Wee! We’re in Cedar Park now boy!

Since moving to Cedar Park, a town just north of Austin, I have been wondering when we would live up to the hillbilly reputation this town has. Well last week, I came home to this… a tractor parked in my back yard. Yup, we’ve arrived, call Jed Clampett and Daisy May and tell em’ to take it back to Beverly Hills. Griff was able to finagle a guy from work into lending us his tracker with an auger so we could dig the holes for the posts for the fence we are building. Our backyard is fenced on 2 sides and with 2 doggies we need a fence all around our property. Plus I’m a fan of my privacy, if I wanna walk around in nothing but my skives, I should be able to with out worrying about my British neighbor sneaking a peek, ya know? I was getting my hair did so I wasn’t able to get “action” pics of the men being men. Instead I came home to these men having a toast to themselves for a job well done. Again a BIG thanks to Wyatt for helping us get these holes dug. It helps having a friend who’s a general contractor, and is willing to donate his time, I’m just saying’.

Masters & Charles Baptism 044 Masters & Charles Baptism 045

Once the tractor left, Wyatt and Griff, made use of the hand held post hole digger. {Our backyard is mainly rock upon boulders, upon rock, upon rock, hence the need for the tractor.} Nice boots n’ shorts Wyatt. What? I think it’s a good look.

Masters & Charles Baptism 047 Masters & Charles Baptism 048

Little Lila

Mom came up the weekend before last and she was a BIG help! She came in Thursday night and while we were at work Friday she finished unpacking all the kitchen boxes, finished lining all the kitchen cabinet shelves with shelf paper, and helped us paint over the hideous blue walls in the kitchen. And she brought Mom and Dad’s sweet little addition to the family… meet Lila! She just the cutest thing ever! I want to just eat her up!

Masters & Charles Baptism 038 Masters & Charles Baptism 039

Masters & Charles Baptism 037 Masters & Charles Baptism 035

After our dear sweet Sonora past it was evident to everyone that Mom and Dad needed another puppy. There was question as to whether they should get another yellow lab, but it was decided that because there will only ever be one Sonora, another yellow lab would be just fine. Everyone is so happy with Lila, she is a puppy however, and with puppies come the learning curve. But she is getting it; she can already sit and stay, which is more than I can say for some adult doggies. OK, a couple more pictures of Lila playing with Charley and Eva. She has no idea she is less than half their size.

Masters & Charles Baptism 030 Masters & Charles Baptism 031

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I live with The Karate Kid.

I do have fond memories of the original movie The Karate Kid but when you live with Daniel Son it’s a little different. Like when he asks me to do things like “paint the fence” or “wax on, wax off”. I know he’s glad he doesn’t have to listen to Mr. Miyagi anymore and he finally gets to tell someone else to do these things, but come on! OK, all jokes aside. I don’t really get told these things but I do live with the Karate Kid.

Griff got his blue belt in Brazilian Ju Jitzu!! I am so proud of him! A blue belt can take anywhere from 6 months to 4 years to achieve, depending on athletic ability, with the norm being 2 years. Griff got his in only 16 months! And he achieved this all while recovering from his 2nd shoulder surgery! He is well on his way to reaching his goal of holding a black belt in 3 different martial arts! You don’t want to meet him in a dark alley, he might just "sweep the leg Johnny!".

SDC11674 SDC11673

1 room down, bout a million to go! Guest room #1.

OK, I feel a little better knowing that 1 room in our new house is done. Well as done as it’s gonna be unless I find something uber fantastic that I just can’t live without. Which might happen, I’m just sayin’.

So we have 2 guest rooms. I’m calling 1 room the “Audrey Room” because this is the place where my love affair with Audrey Hepburn will live.

I’m sorry I forgot to take a before shot of this room. But it was just plain white walls with dirt all around the light switches. Eew! I mean when it’s your own funk you can deal with it but when it’s someone else's funk it’s just got to go!

So we painted the room the same color we pained our master bedroom, Gliddon’s Natural Linen in eggshell. {More on the master later when it’s finished.} We also did a cool treatment on 2 walls that I saw on a decorating show years ago. I have done this treatment in the last 2 houses I’ve lived in. We taped off stripes with painters tape and then took non-yellowing Polyurethane and painted every other stripe with the poly. It’s a cool effect that it subtle but dramatic. Here is a picture so you can see what I’m talking about.

First house pics 084 First house pics 087

First house pics 088 First house pics 090

Cool right?! I freaking love it. It shows up better on darker colors but I like the subtleness this color created.

And here is the room once I got it all put together. And I say “I” because I after taping off the walls Griff took off the lake. {It’s OK, he’s been working hard and deserved a break.}

First house pics 091

So that’s it. One room down, about a million to go.

We’re in! Well, almost.

We are in, as in all our stuff is here. But moved in is an under statement. There is just so much stuff to do! We are happy to do it, don’t get me wrong, but damn there’s a lot to do. Alright onto the pictures!

Here is our first picture with our house. This was the day we closed and we took a load of stuff over.

First house pics 010 Here is the CRAZY jungle backyard before Myles had it mowed for us. Thanks Myles!

First house pics 004 First house pics 003

Here we are moving. We, and by we I mean Griff, decided that we didn’t need to hire movers but that we should instead move ourselves. Sanford and Son we were. A BIG thanks to Wyatt, Andrew and Joe for helping us move all the big stuff. You guys were life savers.

First house pics 007 First house pics 008

First house pics 036

First house pics 037 First house pics 039

First house pics 038

And Amy helped pack the remaining odds and ends! Thanks love!