Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ooh Wee! We’re in Cedar Park now boy!

Since moving to Cedar Park, a town just north of Austin, I have been wondering when we would live up to the hillbilly reputation this town has. Well last week, I came home to this… a tractor parked in my back yard. Yup, we’ve arrived, call Jed Clampett and Daisy May and tell em’ to take it back to Beverly Hills. Griff was able to finagle a guy from work into lending us his tracker with an auger so we could dig the holes for the posts for the fence we are building. Our backyard is fenced on 2 sides and with 2 doggies we need a fence all around our property. Plus I’m a fan of my privacy, if I wanna walk around in nothing but my skives, I should be able to with out worrying about my British neighbor sneaking a peek, ya know? I was getting my hair did so I wasn’t able to get “action” pics of the men being men. Instead I came home to these men having a toast to themselves for a job well done. Again a BIG thanks to Wyatt for helping us get these holes dug. It helps having a friend who’s a general contractor, and is willing to donate his time, I’m just saying’.

Masters & Charles Baptism 044 Masters & Charles Baptism 045

Once the tractor left, Wyatt and Griff, made use of the hand held post hole digger. {Our backyard is mainly rock upon boulders, upon rock, upon rock, hence the need for the tractor.} Nice boots n’ shorts Wyatt. What? I think it’s a good look.

Masters & Charles Baptism 047 Masters & Charles Baptism 048

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