Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Magazine it OUT!!!!!!

OMG!! It’s here and it’s every bit as beautiful as we thought it would be! While we think that the The Knot Texas magazine peeps could have chosen better pics, {like the ones we took in the coin laundry mat across the street, or the funny group wedding party pics we took with our crazy friends}, we love it just the same! We are in a freakin’ magazine for cryin’ out loud!!!! I’ll say it again, O-M-G!!!

I got my 6 copies, copy of The Knot Texas at Wal-Mart cause technically I don’t think they are supposed to be out yet cause I couldn’t find it at Barnes & Noble, or Borders Books. This is what the magazine cover looks like and we are on pages 54-60. I Google searched for a picture of the cover and came up with nada. Guess it’s too new. I could get up off the couch, {from under the blanket}, get the camera, take a picture of the magazine sitting on my coffee table, then walk across the room to get the camera cord from out of my purse, then walk back to the couch, plug the cord into the computer, download the picture, then post it here. But that just sounds like a lot of work I’m not willing to do right now. Capish? Anyway, the cover is blue and in the bottom left hand corner make sure it says “Display until August 2”. If you find a green cover that says “Display until May 31”, well that my friends is the wrong one. I might have made this mistake, Mom too.

A GIANT thank you to my sweet friend, {and wedding photographer}, Sherry over at Sherry Hammonds Photography and my sweet friend, {and wedding planner}, Becky over at BZ Events for submitting our wedding to The Knot Texas magazine. To even be considered is amazing but to be chosen is utterly astonishing! Thank you guys so much for everything! Y’all made our wedding everything we ever wanted. And to my sweet Daddy & Momma, thank you for allowing this magical day to happen and for letting your Punkin’ Head have her day. I love you both all the way to God and back.

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