Sunday, June 6, 2010

Big Boy Charles Gets His Baptism On!

A couple of weeks ago we went to Baton Rouge for our nephew Charles’ baptism. This was the first time Griff and I have meet this sweet little chubster, since he waited to be born until after we left BR for Thanksgiving break last year. Charles is such a sweet baby, so happy ALL time… unless he’s hungry, but who isn’t a bit cranky when your belly’s yelling at you?

He was such a good boy at his baptism. He didn’t fuss one bit and the entire congregation just ooh’d and ahh’d over him! Afterwards a couple members of the choir came over and told Brian and Noelle just how beautiful their family is and and how they wanted to take Charles home with them. Too cute!

Masters & Charles Baptism 076 Masters & Charles Baptism 077

IMG_5186 IMG_5188

I’m tellin’ you, this baby is uber chill. And he loved sitting in my lap! OK, he loves sitting on any ones lap, but whatever, I can dream.

IMG_9997 IMG_5215

Afterwards, we went to Ninfa’s for lunch. I love Ninfa’s because I love Mexican food but mainly cause they have the best margarita’s! Mmmmmmmm!

Sister Renee got some gifts too, her tiara! This girl is just about the cutest darn thing ever!

IMG_0068Masters & Charles Baptism 093

Brian’s good friend Mark was there with his wife Rebecca and their adorable son Jackson. Every time I took a picture of Renee I asked her to say cheese. About the 3rd time I did this I hear Jackson yell CHEESE!!! So I just had to take a picture of him too. He has those cheeks you just want to pinch and smother with about a BA-gillion giant kisses! MUAH!!!!!

Masters & Charles Baptism 090 Masters & Charles Baptism 092

After Ninfa’s we went back to Griff’s Mom’s house to gather our things and drive to Mandeville were Brian and Noelle live. When we arrived we immediately got into the pool because, well because it is darn hot in the South! Sadly we had to leave the next day, Monday, and drive back to Texas but before we did that we stopped at Wally World to help Noelle return some GIANT outdoor chair cushions and Renee and I stopped to smell the flowers. I just love this girl!

Masters & Charles Baptism 101 Masters & Charles Baptism 102

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