Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Ice Backfire!

OK, so I was on this site yesterday and I was checking out all the “icings” that people had posted to the website. I was really impressed with most of them and it inspired me to rush home from work so I could “Ice” Griff. We had one lonely Smirnoff in the fridge from last weekend so I thought I’d put it to good use. I got some string and tied it around the neck of the bottle. Then I tied the string to the front door with a little note welcoming my hubby home.


Good one right? Well…. I was SO excited about my clever idea that I began to text my friend Sarah about it. Just as I hit “send” on my phone I realized that I sent the text to Griff. Yup, thaaaaat’s right. I stupidly informed him about the “Icing” waiting for him at home. What an IDIOT I am sometimes! Doh! I was so pissed off at my self! Like really pissed. Jokes that backfire are just never good. Never.

So Griff comes home and we have a laugh about how stupid I was and yadayadayada. {I should mention that Griff had poison ivy right now}. He starts telling me that he thinks the poison ivy has spread to his back and wants me to look at it to make sure. {See where this is going? I walked right into this one.} When he turned around to show me his back he was holding the HOTEST Smirnoff Ice I have ever had the disdane to hold in my hands. This Smirnoff was one of those gross pineapple flavored ones that he got Sarah and me with last weekend. And this particular Smirnoff has been sitting in his truck since last week. I can not even begin to tell you how hot this drink was. It burned my nose and my throat while I was drinking it. It was absolutely awful!

013 (2) 014 (2)

So not only did I screw up the perfectly planned “Icing” waiting for Griff but I was iced in return! Talk about your all time backfires!

Now fast forward to about 10:30 at night. I still have this lonely Smirnoff right? So what does this loving wife do? I put the Smirnoff in the toothpaste drawer for my hubby. Muahahahah!



021 (2)

We called a truce after this one, we will no longer be “Icing” each other. So watch out friends! We have to get our “Ice” fixes in some how.

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