Monday, June 21, 2010

Bros Icing Bros or "The Best Game Ever Invented"

OK, if you haven’t heard of this website you need to check it out. It’s just about the best game ever invented. It’s a little game called Bros Icing Bros. Below are the rules. I should have never shown this game to Griff, it’s right up his freakin’ alley. Sigh.

So it all began the weekend of Memorial Day. Griff, Nick and I were driving to Galveston Bay to go to my Aunt and Uncle bay house. Along the way we stopped for gas and guess what was waiting for me when I got back into the car from using the facilites? Yup, you guess it. Hey at least it was cold. Thanks for thinking of me babe. Nice face huh? Whatev, I have no shame.

From Griff's camera 308 From Griff's camera 307

The same night, about an hour later, Nick ask Griff for the CD case and guess what was waiting inside? Right again kids. Ouch!

From Griff's camera 309

The next day when Griff wakes up from a nap guess what was waiting for him in his suitcase? Momma Raney planted this one. Nice one Mom!

Memorial Day & Baptism 006Memorial Day & Baptism 005 Memorial Day & Baptism 007

Griff takes a shower after said nap and what’s waiting for him under his hat? Right again! If that ain’t a face of disgust I don’t know what is. Nice and warm too!

Memorial Day & Baptism 009 Memorial Day & Baptism 010 Memorial Day & Baptism 011

Moral for today kids? Don’t take naps. Guess what was waiting for Nick in his suitcase when he woke from his nap? Do I have to say it? You’re getting it by now I’m sure.

Memorial Day & Baptism 012 Memorial Day & Baptism 013

Bottoms up!

Fast forward to last weekend and Griff comes home from Judo and busts in the door all sorts of excited yelling that he just got belted again! I being the good wife was super excited for him and asked to see the “new” belt! He excitedly went to his bag only to pull out 2 Pineapple Smirnoff’s for Sarah and me to drink. What an ass. See how excited I get next time you cry wolf.

013 014

Griff was bringing in dinner from the grill, he yelled thru the door that he needed help opening said door as his hands were full. And what do we see? Griff standing there with 2 more Smirnoff’s for us to drink. Grrrrrrrr! We gave him the 1 Finger Solute in honor of our tasty beverage.

016 017

The next day we get my cousin David. Griff asks him to go into the garage to get a level out of the cabinet. And what is waiting for him? You guessed it, a hot steamy Smirnoff Ice. It was his birthday after all. Oh and did I mention it was like 900 degrees outside and this is a HOT Smirnoff he’s drinking.

021 022

Then we get him again. Sorry David.

039 041

Then David gets Griff. Tit for Tat.


Then David gets him again. Nice one Dave.

043 044

Then I get it the next morning. Crap! {It was in the dishwasher.}


So like I said, best game ever!

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  1. lordy, this is funny. i wish i was younger. i could have some fun with this!