Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Judo at the Dojo.

So a while back while Griff was Jiu-Jitsu, {JJ}, class, he and a couple other guys were asked if they would like to go to San Antonio for a personal lesson from Pedro Alberto. Pedro is a 4th Degree Black Belt in JJ and owns schools in Rio Brazil, San Antonio, and Houston. Pedro was in town from Brazil visiting one of his schools and this was a golden opportunity. Now I don’t claim to know everything about Martial Arts but apparently this guy is tha Sh!t.

On the drive to S.A. Griff sends me a text message letting me know that they are going to this guys house where he has his own dojo. His own dojo… in his house! To say Griff was excited is an understatement! He was THRILLED!!! They spent 3 1/2 hours working technique and sparring. After, they all sat down on the tatami, {mat}, and had lunch exchanging stories and laughing. What an awesome experience!

Here is a picture from that amazing day!


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