Sunday, June 6, 2010

Memorial Day at the Bay…by Doctor Suess

My Aunt Sherri and Uncle Jim’s bay house is finally finished and they invited the family down to Galveston for a “The house is finished Party, aka Memorial Day Weekend Party, aka David’s Graduation Party”. My family doesn’t really need a reason to get together to party but whatever. Sherri and Jim’s bay house was destroyed by Hurricane Ike a few years back and they just finished building the new house. And let me tell you, it is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! Sherri and Jim are so generous in sharing their vacation homes and we are so thankful they do cause we always have a blast!!!

So Friday evening we picked up Nick, he’s dating my cousin Elizabeth, Sherri and Jim’s daughter, his stuff had to ride on top cause with all our crap, plus 2 doggies there was no more room inside.

Memorial Day & Baptism 002 Memorial Day & Baptism 003

My Dad’s cousin Catherine, who owns SamBet’s,{ the best Cajun restaurant in Austin}, brought crawfish for lunch on Sunday. Guess who cooked em’? Yup, you guess it, this guy. The crawfish, of course, were awesome!

Memorial Day & Baptism 018

Memorial Day & Baptism 015Memorial Day & Baptism 025 Memorial Day & Baptism 027

Cousin David, aka “Tha Graduate”.

Memorial Day & Baptism 014 Memorial Day & Baptism 028

Some of the boys went for an evening fishing cruise. They didn’t catch anything but flack from us when they came back with empty coolers. Both “coolers”.

Memorial Day & Baptism 029 Memorial Day & Baptism 031

At the end of the trip we of course had 2 very tired puppies. Can you believe this? And in case you are wondering, yes that is a pillow Charley is sleeping on. Spoiled much?

Memorial Day & Baptism 033 Memorial Day & Baptism 035

Thank you Jim and Sherri for opening your home again and allowing us crazies to share in the good times! Love you bunches!

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