Monday, June 21, 2010

The Never Ending Fence Project.

So this darn fence we are building is crazy! It’s been nothing but 108 feet of pure hell. Listen to me carefully, I do not recommend to anyone to build a fence in June, in the South. Good Lord, it’s freakin’ H-O-T!! And we only have to build one side! We were lucky enough for our backyard to have a fence on 2 sides but needed a 3rd side to hold our puppies in and to keep our neighbors out! We were also VERY lucky to have friends that are willing to help us get this monster complete.

First there is Myles. A great friend that doesn’t live too far from our house. Thank you Myles! {I thought I took a pic of Myles helping with the fence but I guess I didn’t so here is pic of Myles helping to paint out master bathroom.}

Masters & Charles Baptism 026

Then there was Wyatt. Wyatt was an AMAZING help! He was there when we needed him and it helps that he is general contractor for his own company Giles Construction. Let’s just say he is wealth of knowledge when it comes to this stuff! Thank you Wyatt!!!

Masters & Charles Baptism 047 054

Then a couple of weekends ago my cousins, Elizabeth and David, and David’s friend Sean came up to Austin for David’s birthday. Since the plans to float the river were washed out, literally. {We had a serious down pour a couple of weeks ago that caused major damage to the Comal and Guadalupe Rivers and the rivers were closed.} So we took full advantage of the extra hands and put them to work. {It’s OK, we took David out for his birthday and watched the UFC fights.} Thank you to David, Sean, Elizabeth and Nick for helping out. It was hot as hell that day and I know you would have much rather been in the water, then sweating your asses off building a fence. But we sure do appreciate it!

025 024

There was a tree in the way, so it had to go!

033 030


So we got a nail gun and I can’t tell you how awesome this thing is! It made nailing the fence boards go so quickly! Plus it’s a power tool and I LOVE power tools.

055 056

We did run into just a little problem though. Whoops.


Home Depot and Lowes only had 2 1/2 inch nails and we needed 2 inch nails. Solution?

059 060

Yup. Guess who got to bend the nails with a hammer? Yours truly. With the help of my friend Sarah. Thanks friend!


So let’s see, there is 8 nails to every board, 18 boards per section and there are 15 sections. What’s that come out to kids? Thaaaat’s right, 2,160 nails that needed to be hammered and bent down. Can you say sore arm? I say arm because while working on this little project I discovered can’t hammer for poop with my left hand so it was all done with my right hand. Ugh.

I shouldn’t complain though. Most of this project was completed by others and not me. I really helped the last weekend when the fence boards were going in. {i.e. bending the nails was my job.}

My cousin Elizabeth was a BIG help too. She made sure the guys never ran out of beer and the beer stayed cold. This is a BIG job. {That’s her on the right passing out cold ones.} Thanks Liz!


Sunday the last few boards went up and I can’t tell you how happy we are to have 108 feet of fence up and looking awesome!

063 064 065

Now all we have left to do is the gate. Ugh, will this project ever end?

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