Friday, July 30, 2010

Don’t be such a stick in the mud!

Yesterday our good friend Myles called to see if Griff wanted to go Muddin’ in his truck. Myles and Shana recently got a 4 wheel drive Ford truck to haul their boat with and Myles realized that he hadn’t even taking it out into the mud yet! Well of course Griff was down cause he loves getting dirty. He used to take the Ford Bronco he had in high school Muddin’ all the time back dem in der swamps of Louisiana. Ooooooh-weeeeeee boy, let me tell ya, he was in hog heaven! Aaaaeeeeeeiiiiiiiii!


Well what do you know, the first mud hole they came too they got the truck stuck! Figures. They were supposed to meet up with Justin, {a guy that Griff’s works with}, on his land, but the land they thought was Justin’s actually wasn’t. So there they are, off driving around on some guys land and they got the truck stuck! Careful boys… we are in Texas and not only is it legal to carry a gun, it’s legal to shoot someone if your on their property! So they called Justin to come pull them out when they discovered they are no where near the land they were supposed to be on. Whoops.


So this morning I send Griff an email asking him to send me the pictures he took from last night so I can post them to the blog so you all can see what Griff’s been up to. Here is the response email I got:

“I didn’t take any pictures until we got to Myles’s house and they sucked. I was using Myles camera to take video but those suck to… I did a suck job last night.”

I thought that reply was hilarious! But he sent me the pictures anyway so I am showing them to you. Griff just sent me another email letting me know that Myles is texting Griff to go again tonight. So maybe we have some good pictures still to come. Doubt it.

Oh and did I mention that Myles’ wife Shana is pregnant and due tomorrow? Griff is pretty much convinced she is the coolest pregnant chick ever! Thanks for setting the bar so high Shana!

Hobby Lobby is my new best friend!!!

OK, so serious score here! I went into Hobby Lobby the other day to purchase the fabric I am using to recover the cornice boards over the windows in the living room and to put pants on my too short curtains in the dinning room. While I was there I thought I’d stop by the clearance section and I’m SO glad that I did. All the clearance was 90% off!!! Holy accessories Batman!!! So I loaded up my cart. No lie, like la-hoe-da-hid! Just look at all my wonderful goodies! If your counting that’s 13 pieces and for a whopping total of $51.97. Yes you read correctly, $51.97. Had I bought all this retail it would have cost me close to $500!!!


These candle sticks were $2.99 marked down from $29.99!! I KNOW!!!!

059 060

This decorative plate shelf was $3.49 marked down from $34.99. Though I don’t think I’m going to put a plate on the shelf, I like the way it looks all by it’s beautiful self.

062 063

And the best score of all? Drum roll please…..

Yeah, seriously, this beautiful piece of heavenly tin was $100 dollars and I scored it for a sweet $9.99! I was seriously in Hobby Lobby Heaven! Angles were singing and I think I saw Jesus in the fabric department.


Because I have so much patience, yeah right, I ran home and decorated with some of these pieces but I’m no were near finished. So rest assured more pics to come! This is one of the dinning room walls. More dinning room pics to come once I finish, I am really close, so no worries.

065 064

Friday, July 23, 2010

Griff turns the big 30!

Well it’s official, Griff is now old like the rest of us. He turned 30 on July 2nd and he can’t use the excuses that he’s still in his 20’s anymore, cause those days are long gone buddy! Sayonara. Ciao. Au Revoir. Adios. Check ya later!

So I planned a surprise dinner at Sushi Sake. Griff LOVES him some sushi! And sake… well who doesn’t like sake? Riiiiiiiight, so moving on. I planned this surprise dinner and I invited 26 people to dinner, not thinking that everyone would reply YES! How dumb of me. Everyone loves Griff and who was going to say no to the birthday boy? Well this posed a bit of a problem for me. The room I rented only held 16 peeps comfortably, and 18 if we squished in. Well 20 people said they were coming and at the last minute one more said she was coming. So that made 21! 21 people in a 16 person room. YIKES! So what’s a party planner , girl to do? Add an extra table to the end of course! Well this sounds easy enough, but the room had shoji screens and when the screen was closed it squished the peeps at the end. Ah well, we made it work and we all had a great time!! Here are some pics from that night.

Griff peeking in to see what all the fuss is about. {Even though he saw Wyatt’s truck in the parking lot and he saw Amy walking into the restaurant with balloons so he knew what was going on. Doh!}



7-16-10%20036[1] 7-16-10%20035[1]

We have the best Friends!

016 017 7-16-10%20024[1] 018

We might have sucked the helium out of Griff’s birthday balloons like a bunch of 12 year olds. Hey, we’ve never claimed to act our age.

024 022


Sake! YUMMY!!! {Yes, that’s a straw in his sake cup… it was “that” kind of party!}

021 019

Nice bottle of Maker’s for Griffy from Wes Mantooth. This bottle might have opened itself towards the end of the dinner, I’m just sayin’.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!! I can’t wait to share the next 30 years with you!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

4th of July on the LAKE!

Our awesome friends Myles and Shana invited some peeps to go out on their boat for 4th of July and we were some of those lucky peeps! Yay! So here’s some pics from the awesome day on Lake Travis!

We went to Little Devil’s Cove on Lake Travis, Devils Cove is always a mad house on holiday weekends and Little Devil is just a much fun but not as crowded. Score!

P7040005[1] P7040003[1]

Sarah and me and our magic noodles. Oh and did I mention that Shana is 8 months pregnant and due at the end of this month? She’s such a trooper!

P7040070[1] P7040079[1]

Waterproof camera’s are the best!

P7040021[1] P7040014[1]

Cheesy FACE!!!! {Nice plastic wine glass old man.}

P7040075[1] P7040083[1]

Our friend’s Martin and Megan showed up on their boat! Whoop! And James Loeve, Sarah, and Lisa rocked the boat we were on. Holla!

P7040080[1] P7040081[1]

And you can’t end the night with out some beautiful 4th of July fireworks. God Bless America!

P7040090[1] P7040092[1]

Thanks as always to Myles and Shana for hosting such a great day! We love this guys!