Friday, July 30, 2010

Don’t be such a stick in the mud!

Yesterday our good friend Myles called to see if Griff wanted to go Muddin’ in his truck. Myles and Shana recently got a 4 wheel drive Ford truck to haul their boat with and Myles realized that he hadn’t even taking it out into the mud yet! Well of course Griff was down cause he loves getting dirty. He used to take the Ford Bronco he had in high school Muddin’ all the time back dem in der swamps of Louisiana. Ooooooh-weeeeeee boy, let me tell ya, he was in hog heaven! Aaaaeeeeeeiiiiiiiii!


Well what do you know, the first mud hole they came too they got the truck stuck! Figures. They were supposed to meet up with Justin, {a guy that Griff’s works with}, on his land, but the land they thought was Justin’s actually wasn’t. So there they are, off driving around on some guys land and they got the truck stuck! Careful boys… we are in Texas and not only is it legal to carry a gun, it’s legal to shoot someone if your on their property! So they called Justin to come pull them out when they discovered they are no where near the land they were supposed to be on. Whoops.


So this morning I send Griff an email asking him to send me the pictures he took from last night so I can post them to the blog so you all can see what Griff’s been up to. Here is the response email I got:

“I didn’t take any pictures until we got to Myles’s house and they sucked. I was using Myles camera to take video but those suck to… I did a suck job last night.”

I thought that reply was hilarious! But he sent me the pictures anyway so I am showing them to you. Griff just sent me another email letting me know that Myles is texting Griff to go again tonight. So maybe we have some good pictures still to come. Doubt it.

Oh and did I mention that Myles’ wife Shana is pregnant and due tomorrow? Griff is pretty much convinced she is the coolest pregnant chick ever! Thanks for setting the bar so high Shana!

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