Friday, July 23, 2010

Griff turns the big 30!

Well it’s official, Griff is now old like the rest of us. He turned 30 on July 2nd and he can’t use the excuses that he’s still in his 20’s anymore, cause those days are long gone buddy! Sayonara. Ciao. Au Revoir. Adios. Check ya later!

So I planned a surprise dinner at Sushi Sake. Griff LOVES him some sushi! And sake… well who doesn’t like sake? Riiiiiiiight, so moving on. I planned this surprise dinner and I invited 26 people to dinner, not thinking that everyone would reply YES! How dumb of me. Everyone loves Griff and who was going to say no to the birthday boy? Well this posed a bit of a problem for me. The room I rented only held 16 peeps comfortably, and 18 if we squished in. Well 20 people said they were coming and at the last minute one more said she was coming. So that made 21! 21 people in a 16 person room. YIKES! So what’s a party planner , girl to do? Add an extra table to the end of course! Well this sounds easy enough, but the room had shoji screens and when the screen was closed it squished the peeps at the end. Ah well, we made it work and we all had a great time!! Here are some pics from that night.

Griff peeking in to see what all the fuss is about. {Even though he saw Wyatt’s truck in the parking lot and he saw Amy walking into the restaurant with balloons so he knew what was going on. Doh!}



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We have the best Friends!

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We might have sucked the helium out of Griff’s birthday balloons like a bunch of 12 year olds. Hey, we’ve never claimed to act our age.

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Sake! YUMMY!!! {Yes, that’s a straw in his sake cup… it was “that” kind of party!}

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Nice bottle of Maker’s for Griffy from Wes Mantooth. This bottle might have opened itself towards the end of the dinner, I’m just sayin’.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!! I can’t wait to share the next 30 years with you!

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