Sunday, June 26, 2011

Buttery Nipples & Irish Car Bombs? Yes please!

Last night Griff and I went to a theme party. Can you guess what the theme was? Here’s a picture to help you out.


Yup. The party’s theme was You Are What you Drink! You had to come dressed as a drink and bring the components of said drink. I was a buttery nipple shot and Griff was an Irish Car Bomb. I found these glorious boobs for $6 bucks at a costume shop. I then took Land O Lakes butter wrappers and cut out some pasties to place them over the nipples. Griff dressed like an Irish Mun, {or apparently our version of what we think all Irish people look like}. To make the bomb we took some duck tape to some red candles and a picture of a clock.

Here are some others.

Rolling Rock {she was on roller skates} & Absenth. Fuzzel Navel & Johnny Walker.


5 Star General & Vodka & OJ. {He had on a Russian hat for the vodka & black Isotoner gloves for the OJ. Hysterical!} Milwaukee Beast, Sake, & Knob Creek. {He had a door knob coming out of his pants!}


Girl toast to the Buttery Nipples! Sex with an alligator turning the knob on Knob Creek.


My pasties fell off so I just went tits out for the rest of the night. Classy Ryan.


What a fun night!

Blues on the Green

I love summers in Austin…. there’s always something to do! Like Blues on the Green. Every other Wednesday the City of Austin puts on a free concert on in Zilker Park. So we got together with some friends and headed off to the park to listen to some live music and take in an awesome sunset.



Don’t mind the ATM blanket. We acted like Brian wasn’t with us. {He’s sitting to the left of Griff.}


Andrew’s girlfriend’s family was in from Louisiana.  And don’t mind CB exposing himself there. That dog has no shame.  Martin busted out the barcalounger.


See that green light? That’s the stage. We were pretty far back but the breeze was better further out. 


Good times.


Monday, June 20, 2011

Ladies and gentlemen, can I please have your attention. I've just been handed an urgent and horrifying news story…

…Kickball is in fact a sport! I know, who knew?  Since my company has been on a “let’s get healthy” kick a bunch of us have joined a kickball league. We have a team name but I do have a disclaimer before I tell you what it is. I was not consulted in the choosing of said team name. Ready for it? Our official team name is Balter Cronkite and the Evening Booze. Or, Balter Cronkite for short. The guy that came up with that name doesn’t even work at our company any more. {Not because he was fired or anything, he graduated and took a job up North.}

Our first game was last Thursday night and we won 7 to 4! Woo-hoo!! It was 104 that day. Too hot!  Ugh, it’s not even July.

I played catcher for most of the game, but 1 inning I played right field.

Here I am running towards first. I scored a double on this kick. I realized once I saw this picture how much I look like my Mom. As a kid I remember spending Sundays at the ball field with my parents when they played on a softball team together. This picture reminds me of her. She would be proud of my double, even if it is kickball.


There I am in the middle pointing my finger. I’m sure I was telling someone to do something. Our Team Captain had to leave town unexpectedly and I kinda assumed the role of Assistant Coach. Go figure.


Here I am in right field. I liked paying catcher better. Oh and btw, that giant standing in front of me is one of our sales guys Mark. He really is that tall. I think he’s 6’7 or so and played basketball for Baylor. Don’t even think about stealing him, he’s our gentle giant. Go find your own.


Here I am cheering on our team and waiting to bat.


And of course we had to give the other team a “Good Game”!


More pictures to come as we play more games.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Some Coast Fishin’

This past weekend Griff and I were invited to go to the coast with some friends for some fishin’, drinkin’, and just a good ol’ time.  We got in Friday night, picked up the boat and headed to the house for some good friend time. We had to get up at 4:30 am on Saturday morning to go fishing. Yup, you read right, 4-30 in the am. We put the boat on the water at 7am, it was a beautiful sunrise.



This was me at 7am, having been up since 4:30 and having no idea what time we went to bed.


Griff and I were on the boat with Wes and Poppy.


Curtis and Christie were on their boat. {There was supposed to be another couple that had to back out the last minute.}


I didn’t catch anything but a buzz… and a nice tan.


Then there was this damn seagull that wanted my bait. But I’ve seen the movie Birds. I know what they are capable of and I was not havin’ it! So I jabbed him with my pole.


This day Wes is the only person on our boat that caught any fish. But it’s ok. He had a fish throw up on him and another fish poop on him. Proof God had a sense of humor. He’s looking at the throw up on him and here’s a nice picture of the throw up on the boat. Mmmmmm, tasty!


Me and my man.


We hooked up with Curtis and Christie a little later. {We were always close to each other we just actually tied up and floated a bit.}


Whoops. Who was supposed to be paying attention to the rocks while we were floating?


And I totally sucked on camera duty this weekend. I didn’t get any of us hanging out at the house or eating dinner. Just fishing on Saturday. But we have the memories! And you have my crappy camera skills. Enjoy.

Splish Splash

2 weekends ago, me, Amy And Hannah decided to take a little mini vaca to my parents pool. It was just what the doctor ordered. I’ve been busy with work and life and a weekend in the pool with my parents cooking skills and my brother’s laid back mood was more than wonderful! My niece was there on Saturday and she is just a freakin’ hoot. Not to mention she’s almost to my shoulder in height. Oh, and she’s 6 years old. Yah, yah, whatever. Save the short jokes for someone who hasn’t heard them already.


Drinks were of course in full affect.




Hannah and I went old school and started doing everything we used to do when we were kids. Including diving backwards. Nice camera skills Dad!


Hannah and I commandeered a pirate ship.


It was a great weekend with even greater people.  Thanks Mom and Dad for being such wonderful hosts… and parents. Love you!