Monday, June 20, 2011

Ladies and gentlemen, can I please have your attention. I've just been handed an urgent and horrifying news story…

…Kickball is in fact a sport! I know, who knew?  Since my company has been on a “let’s get healthy” kick a bunch of us have joined a kickball league. We have a team name but I do have a disclaimer before I tell you what it is. I was not consulted in the choosing of said team name. Ready for it? Our official team name is Balter Cronkite and the Evening Booze. Or, Balter Cronkite for short. The guy that came up with that name doesn’t even work at our company any more. {Not because he was fired or anything, he graduated and took a job up North.}

Our first game was last Thursday night and we won 7 to 4! Woo-hoo!! It was 104 that day. Too hot!  Ugh, it’s not even July.

I played catcher for most of the game, but 1 inning I played right field.

Here I am running towards first. I scored a double on this kick. I realized once I saw this picture how much I look like my Mom. As a kid I remember spending Sundays at the ball field with my parents when they played on a softball team together. This picture reminds me of her. She would be proud of my double, even if it is kickball.


There I am in the middle pointing my finger. I’m sure I was telling someone to do something. Our Team Captain had to leave town unexpectedly and I kinda assumed the role of Assistant Coach. Go figure.


Here I am in right field. I liked paying catcher better. Oh and btw, that giant standing in front of me is one of our sales guys Mark. He really is that tall. I think he’s 6’7 or so and played basketball for Baylor. Don’t even think about stealing him, he’s our gentle giant. Go find your own.


Here I am cheering on our team and waiting to bat.


And of course we had to give the other team a “Good Game”!


More pictures to come as we play more games.

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