Sunday, June 26, 2011

Buttery Nipples & Irish Car Bombs? Yes please!

Last night Griff and I went to a theme party. Can you guess what the theme was? Here’s a picture to help you out.


Yup. The party’s theme was You Are What you Drink! You had to come dressed as a drink and bring the components of said drink. I was a buttery nipple shot and Griff was an Irish Car Bomb. I found these glorious boobs for $6 bucks at a costume shop. I then took Land O Lakes butter wrappers and cut out some pasties to place them over the nipples. Griff dressed like an Irish Mun, {or apparently our version of what we think all Irish people look like}. To make the bomb we took some duck tape to some red candles and a picture of a clock.

Here are some others.

Rolling Rock {she was on roller skates} & Absenth. Fuzzel Navel & Johnny Walker.


5 Star General & Vodka & OJ. {He had on a Russian hat for the vodka & black Isotoner gloves for the OJ. Hysterical!} Milwaukee Beast, Sake, & Knob Creek. {He had a door knob coming out of his pants!}


Girl toast to the Buttery Nipples! Sex with an alligator turning the knob on Knob Creek.


My pasties fell off so I just went tits out for the rest of the night. Classy Ryan.


What a fun night!

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