Wednesday, May 5, 2010

We’re in! Well, almost.

We are in, as in all our stuff is here. But moved in is an under statement. There is just so much stuff to do! We are happy to do it, don’t get me wrong, but damn there’s a lot to do. Alright onto the pictures!

Here is our first picture with our house. This was the day we closed and we took a load of stuff over.

First house pics 010 Here is the CRAZY jungle backyard before Myles had it mowed for us. Thanks Myles!

First house pics 004 First house pics 003

Here we are moving. We, and by we I mean Griff, decided that we didn’t need to hire movers but that we should instead move ourselves. Sanford and Son we were. A BIG thanks to Wyatt, Andrew and Joe for helping us move all the big stuff. You guys were life savers.

First house pics 007 First house pics 008

First house pics 036

First house pics 037 First house pics 039

First house pics 038

And Amy helped pack the remaining odds and ends! Thanks love!

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