Monday, April 26, 2010

Ahhh!! No internet!!

This is pathetic. I seriously don’t know what we did before the internet. We have been without the internet at our house for 3 days and Griff and I are beside ourselves. Actually, we technically have the internet but we can’t get our wireless to work and my desktop computer has some awesome virus so it can’t be used until we get it fixed. Soooo, since we don’t have internet at the house I can’t post any pictures or let you in on all the exciting house projects going on. In the mean time I will post what I can from work, which isn’t much because I am at work after all. Here is a quick summary of our crazy lives these past few days. Ready? Go!

We closed on our house last Tuesday. We started moving that night and took over a load of crap, stuff, each night after work. Griff borrowed a trailer from someone at work; we both took off from work on Friday and moved almost everything ourselves. {Yes, the rumors are true, I am freakishly strong.} Friday night, Saturday morning, we painted the master bedroom because some of our friends were helping us move the remaining stuff on Saturday and I wanted at least our bedroom painted before the furniture came in. {Can’t wait to show you these before and afters!} We moved the remaining crap, stuff on Saturday and started unpacking a bit that night. Oh dear Lord the boxes. There are so many! After dinner on Saturday night Griff fell asleep on the couch and I unpacked our bedroom until 3am. {Trying to fit all our clothes into one room is ridiculous! I didn’t realized we were both such clothes whores.} Sunday there was more unpacking, ugh. Sunday night Griff tested for his blue belt in Brazilian Ju Jitzu and passed!! I am so proud of him! {I have pictures; but again, until I get the crack at my house, I can’t post them.}

So that’s a quick summary of what’s been going on with us. I have to leave for Chicago for a business trip on Wednesday to Friday and then drive to Humble this weekend. So I will post pictures as soon as I can. Just don’t want all 4 of you that read this blog to think I forgot about ya.

Love to all!

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