Tuesday, April 13, 2010


OK, so I know we have been MIA for a while and we have neglected our blog, so sorry about that. It’s just that this is a crazy time in our lives! And since I am the one that posts blog I have been a bit preoccupied with life. Let me give you a little insight on the crazy that is our life:

*March 12-14: I went home to Humble to help Mom get ready for her garage sale taking place May 1. After 25 years of living in the same house, they have a lot of stuff!

*March 20: Austin Rodeo {My company sponsored the BMF Cooks, a chili cook off team. Free food and booze? We’re in!!}

*April 2-4: Easter weekend at the Ranch with most of my side of the family there, {we had church service at the ranch and I counted 47 blood/marriage relatives in attendance, 57 peeps total.}

*April 9: Kevin and Kayla’s wedding, it was beautiful and we had a blast! So happy for you guys!

*April 16-18: Doug & Jennifer's wedding in Houston. Pack our entire 3 bedroom, 2 story house and get ready to move.

*April 20: We close on our new home!!

*April 23-25: Move into our new home, all by ourselves, no movers. Ugh.

*April 28-30: I have a work thing in Chicago at my company’s Chicago office.

*April 30-May 2: I fly back to Austin at 5:00pm on Friday the 30th, only to get into my car and make the 3+ hour drive to Humble for my Mom’s garage sale the following day.

*And sometime from April 20th through May 1st
I have to find time to clean our old house and take care of any "incidents" Charley left behind.


And to top it all off we adopted a sweet puppy dog named Eva. We love our Charley girl and have been talking about getting her a friend to keep her company while we are at work all day. While we were at the ranch for Easter my Dad’s cousin Martha and I got to talking and she mentioned that she was looking for a good home to take her sweet Eva, a half yellow lab, and half who knows. She said that they love her dearly but they just can’t give her the attention that she needs. Griff and I talked it over and decided that we can give her a good home and lots of love and attention. So Sunday afternoon Martha and her son Phillip drove from College Station to Austin to bring us the new addition to the Dabadie Family.

The first night was a bit rough. She is used to sleeping outside, so it was a bit of an adjustment for her to sleep inside. But she eventually figured it out and slept through the night. She did keep trying to get onto the bed though and she kept trying to play with Charley. So last night I pulled the memory foam off the guest bed and made a pallet on the floor so I could sleep with Eva and show her that sleeping on the floor inside is OK. Surprisingly, that pallet was dang comfortable! In fact I plan on sleeping there again tonight and until Eva gets comfortable with us and her new home. I don’t think she liked sleeping on the floor by herself the first night because she was in a scary new place. I want to make her as comfortable as possible and if that means sleeping on the floor then so be it. Wow, the things we will do for our pets.

Anyhoo, so yesterday Griff and I loaded the doggies up into my car and took them to a local dog park and turned em’ loose. Griff and I ran along with the dogs on one of the trails for a while then let them play in the water, chase squirrels, swim for sticks, and whatever else they wanted to do. We wanted to let them play and be doggies, but we also wanted to wear them out a bit so they would sleep well through the night. Here is a picture and a video Griff took with his phone. Sorry there is not a picture of Eva’s face, but I will post one soon, I promise. {I need to remember to charge my camera and maybe bring it with me. That might help with taking pictures, actually having my camera. Doh!}

So to say the least we have been a little busy!

I will post as often as I can and I will remember to charge my camera. Love to all and have a great week!

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