Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Little Lila

Mom came up the weekend before last and she was a BIG help! She came in Thursday night and while we were at work Friday she finished unpacking all the kitchen boxes, finished lining all the kitchen cabinet shelves with shelf paper, and helped us paint over the hideous blue walls in the kitchen. And she brought Mom and Dad’s sweet little addition to the family… meet Lila! She just the cutest thing ever! I want to just eat her up!

Masters & Charles Baptism 038 Masters & Charles Baptism 039

Masters & Charles Baptism 037 Masters & Charles Baptism 035

After our dear sweet Sonora past it was evident to everyone that Mom and Dad needed another puppy. There was question as to whether they should get another yellow lab, but it was decided that because there will only ever be one Sonora, another yellow lab would be just fine. Everyone is so happy with Lila, she is a puppy however, and with puppies come the learning curve. But she is getting it; she can already sit and stay, which is more than I can say for some adult doggies. OK, a couple more pictures of Lila playing with Charley and Eva. She has no idea she is less than half their size.

Masters & Charles Baptism 030 Masters & Charles Baptism 031

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