Friday, September 16, 2011

Come on Baby Light My Fire

I’m sure the band The Doors were not thinking about my fireplace when they made their 1967 hit Come On Baby Light My Fire. Which according to Wikipedia is ranked #35 on Rolling Stone's list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. Er, but I digress. Since we moved into our home in April ‘10 we’ve had the view of our lovely brass fireplace surround to great us when we walk into the front door. She gave me the stank eye everyday. I mean, wha’d tha hell did I do to her anyway? Bitch.


So while I might have bought what I needed to fix the brass beauty around, oh I don’t know, 9-ish months ago… I finally got the bug to actually do it. First I removed the fireplace surround. I was able to just pop off 1 side but the other side took some Griff muscle to pry her from her brass death grip.


Then I took her to the garage where she met her fate with this stuff, Rust-Oleum Flat Black Specialty High Heath Spray Paint. This stuff runs about $5 a can and I used 1 whole can.


I covered and taped the glass and brushed off any rust with some steal wool. Then I lightly, lightly, exfoliated her with 15 grit sandpaper. My first coat is shown on the right. I don’t remember how many coats I did, but I would cover it well then let it dry for an hour or so then apply another coat. When I was finished applying the entire can I let her dry overnight.


I have to say after her make-over she looks just gorg! Such a simple project with GIANT results. Why did I wait so long to do this?


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