Sunday, August 28, 2011

Guest Bath Makeover Part Deux

So last weekend I was bitten by the DIY bug and wanted to redo our Guest Bath. When we first moved in I painted the bathroom to cover these God awful stars and moons stencils, added a shower curtain and called the room done. A few months later Griff install a new light, mirror and faucet.  The in November of last year we extended the new floor into this bathroom and the hall. After we made those changes the room wasn’t horrible but I longed for something better. I had grand plans and let me tell you I completed all but 2 of them! And that’s only because 1 idea requires the input of Griff and the other idea… well I just flat ran out of steam! Here is the grand To-Do List.  {A line through it means I completed the project.}

  1. Re-paint the walls in Kingsport Gray by Benjamin Moore.
  2. Stencil a damask patter on the walls
  3. Re-paint all the doors and trim. {Door to the bathroom and linen closet door.}
  4. Make base boards bigger by adding additional trim.
  5. Replace the UGLY brass door knobs and hinges with ORB knobs & hinges.
  6. Re-paint the cabinets.
  7. Spray paint the cabinet knobs with ORB spray paint.
  8. Find and purchase a white shower curtain and replace the curtain liner.
  9. Find and purchase a white micro-fiber bath mat.
  10. Install crown modeling. {Yup, I plan on doing this myself.}
  11. Install new counter top. {Griff needs to agree on the type of counter top.}

Let’s take a look back at the bathroom when we moved in shall we? There were moon & stars stencils, a moon & stars light switch cover, yellow stained vinyl floors, a rusted toilet shelf thing, and a floral shower curtain.  You can see the vinyl floor in the first picture. And that dark blob on the wall in the second picture was a test paint spot that I did.

First house pics 103First house pics 020First house pics 019

Then here’s the bathroom as it was after we made a few changes. First, from the hallway, then standing in the bathtub, then standing next to the bathtub looking at the cabinet. You can see the new mirror in the 2nd pic and the new floors in the 3rd pic. In the 4th and 5th pictures you can see the new light fixture and the ugly brass door knobs. Man, am I happy those are gone!


So let’s get started with the update! First, I painted the whole room in Benjamin Moore's Kingsport Gray. I actually took the swatch of this paint to Home Depot and had them match the paint color to Glidden paint. I happen to like Glidden’s paint a lot and it’s about $25 cheaper than Benjamin Moore.


I couldn’t start the stenciling before the walls were dry so while they were drying I started on the trim. I bought a piece of trim that I planned to just add to the top of the trim that was already there so it was bigger. I’m a fan of big fat trim and our house wasn’t blessed with it. See? Wimpy. And all that black crap at the bottom is the black grout from when we had the floor done. Yuck. The picture on the left is a picture of the wall right in front of the toilet. So every time I went to use the “facilities” I stared at this wall in disgust. I had to change it.


I bought some trim from Home Depot and my plan was the add it about an inch above the trim already in place and paint the space in between white. Faux trim if you will. I tried that out and didn’t like it. So I placed the trim right on top of the old trim and it looks great! So I got my miter saw out and went to town. This was my first attempt at mitering anything and it went pretty well I’d say. Only a few miss cuts. Then I caulked any place where there was a little gap. See?! In. Love.


Look at  the mitered corner between those 2 doors. And behind the toilet! I am so dang proud for doing this all by myself with no help from anyone. Not even anyone at Home Depot!


While the caulk was drying  I started with the stenciling. I bought the stencils from Hobby Lobby and spaced them 6 inches apart. I started on the wall between the tub and the linen closet which just so happened to be 18 inches exactly. Woo! I love simple math.


I continued this all around the room. {I’m probably the most impatient person ever and I just had to hang the mirror back up to see what she looked like with the newly glorified walls before I was even finished with the room.}


After I finished the stenciling I took off all the door knobs and hinges started painting all the doors, trim, and cabinet with Glidden Trim & Door Paint. This stuff is tha sh*t! Only issue is it’s oil based so it needs at least 24 hours to dry completely. Ugh. Did I mention I am impatient? But man am I glad I waited. The shine on these doors and trim is amazing! I can see myself in the door. Seriously.


Old hinge and new hinge.  Soooooo much better!


So what does the almost final project look like all said and done? Well, let’s take a gander shall we?




I love it! Griff is not so sure about the damask stencil pattern on the walls but I love it!

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