Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Table Revamp!

Ok, so I’ve had this table for like ever.  I bought this little table at a thrift store a million years ago and it used to be my “entertainment center”. For the last few years she’s lived her life as our entry table. A place to drop our keys, purse, sunglasses, etc. And with all that dropping of said keys, purses, & sunglasses she’s seen better days. Take a gander at the before. {Of course she was painted black the minute I brought her home, shocker.} Look at all those dings. Well they weren’t really dings, it’s just where the paint was chipping. Pimples on her face if you will. Time to give her a makeover.


Here she is on her former glory. Black of course.


And now here she is with a little make over! Yup, I painted her bottom half a crisp white! I know, I can’t believe it either.  But she told me she was a rebel at heart and needed to let everyone know.


I love it! I am so glad I listened to her and painted her bottom half white. It looks awesome!

If you wondering what that giant black box on the wall is, it’s a built in speaker, left from the previous owners. We haven’t hooked those up yet, but they’re ready when we are.

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