Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Raney Family Beach Trip 2011

So when my Mimi was alive, {my Dad’s Mom}, she used to rent a beach house every summer for her family to enjoy for a week. I have wonderful memories of these trips. Spending time with family, playing Horse Shoes in the sand, crabbing a night, etc. When she died in 1999 her kids, my Dad and my aunts and uncles, decided to have 1 last hooray in her memory. But since then we haven’t been back. So this year my Dad and Mom decided to resurrect the vacation and man were we all happy they did! The house was called Sea Glass and it was amazing. I didn’t get a lot of pictures of the house because we were having so much fun! But here are a few.



Look at the size of this pantry!


Now onto the fun! We buried my niece Sydney.


We played Horse Shoes. On the left my cousin Aaron. On the right Griff and my Uncle Steve.


On the left my cousin Jason and Griff. On the right my Dad and my brother Sean.


My cousins Christopher, David, and Aaron went Kayaking.



We played games on the beach and maybe consumed some beverages. Me and my cousin Elizabeth on the right.


My Mom and Aunt Sherri on the left.


My Uncle Alan carrying bottled waters in that cooler I’m sure. On the right, Elizabeth and I lounging. {That’s as far as this Texan ever got in the water!}


We were there the week before my Mom’s birthday so I decided to ban everyone together and through her a little party. She. Had. No. Idea. She didn’t even know when I asked her for the recipe to her favorite desert that it was actually for her birthday cake. Sneaky I am. And apparently Yoda.


We have a thing a the beach. Puzzles. We love our puzzles. We put together 4 of them. Well 3 1/2 actually. We didn’t get to the finish the 4th. And I forgot to take a picture of the 1st puzzle. Doh!


My Aunt Joanna and my cousin Elizabeth started building a sand castle and her son Jason and I jumped in to find the decorations. {My favorite part anyway!} We found an old Christmas tree and used that as our castle’s backyard forest! Dad and Griff “supervised”.


We went crabbing at night. For those of you that don’t know what crabbing is you go out on the beach at night with a flashlight, a bucket and a crabbing net. You find all these crabs, put em’ in the bucket, find some more, and do it all over again. Once your done you release the crabbies and go about your business. This was probably the most fun night I had the whole trip. We laughed are asses off!


The last full day we were there my dear old Dad decided he was going to bust out his surf board. This thing hasn’t been ridden since 1970 something, the last time my Dad wrote it. It still had the original wax on it. Cool or gross? You decide. After he sat out there for a while he realized the waves were not big enough for him to ride in. Plus he told me later he felt something bump him under water. ARE. YOU. SERIOUS!!! If you know me at all you know I am SCARED sh*tless of 2 things. One slithers on the ground with no legs and the other is the ocean. So to hear that he was bumped freaked me the F out!



The last night we were there the remaining 8 of us decided to head out to dinner. Me, Griff, Mom, Dad, Aunt JoAnne, Cousin Jason, Aunt Sherri & Cousin David. Since I had sun poisoning the previous day I didn’t drink at all on the last day we were there so guess who was the DD? Yup. Me. It’s ok though, I’d rather everyone be safe.


What a wonderful trip full of wonderful new memories. I can’t wait to do it again next year!

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