Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Man with a Fan!

So since we cleaned out our garage Griff started working out again with our friend Sidgy, {pronounced CJ}. And since it’s it’s hotter than the Devil’s kitchen round these parts we needed to replace the Nascar fan hanging from the ceiling. Yes, I said Nascar. You see, the man that lived here before us was apparently a “handy man”. I use that term loosely because of the hilarious things we’ve found in the garage he used to remodel his man cave. I assume when he was a “handy man” to others he took what his clients didn’t want and used these things in his own home. But I digress, let’s get back to the fan. Yes, that is our attic access painted purple. Again the work of the “handy man”. He painted the some of the walls purple too. Seriously.


My brother Sean was in town the weekend the fan went up and thank goodness he was here. Apparently this was a 2 person job. I couldn’t help cause was inside getting ready for a party we were having later that night.


After the fan was put up the boys set up the ping pong table and batted their balls around.

I mean, wha?


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