Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dining Room

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while now and I am just getting around to doing it. While the dinning room is not completely finished I wanted to let you guys see what we’ve done so far.

Here’s what the dinning room looked like when we moved in. Complete with vine grape boarder wall paper and floral curtains. Ick!

Masters & Charles Baptism 006

Masters & Charles Baptism 007 First house pics 016

This paper was a b*tch to take down because the previous owners were morons. Instead of using wall paper paste to adhere the paper to the wall they used something like wood glue that made these lovely yellow lines all over the walls. So when you tried to peel the glue off the plaster came off with it. Thanks previous owners. {Oh, and did I mention that the previous owner was a handyman and had his own business?} We tried everything to get these lines off, sanding, Goo-Gone, Goof-Off, and scraping. Finally my Dad suggested painting over the lines and see if you can notice. Genius! Thanks Dad, worked liked a Charm. You couldn’t see the lines at all once they were painted! Thank God, because I was tired of scrapping.

010 011

One weekend Mom and Dad came to visit and they helped paint the room. {That’s Mom trying to scrap the hideous grapes off the wall, and Dad is doin’ some serious spackling, there was like a ba-gillion holes in these walls people!}

013 (2) 016

We picked out a gorgeous color for the walls. Ralph Lauren Regent Metallic paint in Bronze Statue. I love this color! It has bits of real copper that catch the sun light and looks just awesome!

64862d40-52da-410d-bfce-4a06e41758c8_400 RLH_8_rm40_v0


Then Mom and I found these curtains from Target that I love. They are blue with threads of copper in them. Can you say gorgeous! One problem though, they were not long enough and they didn’t come in any longer sizes. Ugh! {I haven’t figured out yet if we have been blessed or cursed with large windows in this house?} Not to fret, I had a solution, or rather Dad did. Thanks again Dad for coming to the rescue! He suggested that we take the fabric from the cornice boards in the living room and add them to the bottom of these curtains. {“Give the curtains pants”, he said! Ha, I love that man!}

So I did. However seeing as I can’t sew or have a sewing machine for that matter, I used fabric glue to connect the pieces. It looks awesome! You can’t even tell that they are not “sewed” together. And if you can tell, shut your mouth and get out of my house because we are no longer friends.

019 017 018

Then Griff hung “our” chandelier. I have the word “our” in quotations because this is the chandelier that we bought and hung from the trees in the outside lounge area at our wedding. This chandelier, {or a version of it}, was the centerpiece of our wedding, it was in everything, from our personalized wedding logo, the announcements, the invitations, the napkins, the light that shown on the dance floor… you get the idea. He also hung a ceiling medallion that I bought at Lowes for like 20 buckaroos. Nice huh?

013 007

Here are some pictures from our wedding and the lounge area where you can see the chandelier.

_DSC0906 _DSC0911_DSC0907

While we are not totally done with this room, {blinds, accessories, and crown molding are still needed}, it’s pretty darn close. I love this room. The table, chairs and buffet were my grandparents and I am so lucky to have them. I remember Thanksgiving’s at this table and those are memories I hold close to my heart. I can’t wait to make many more memories with my own family at this table!

041 042

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  1. I had to pop over to check out your curtains :) Thanks for your feedback on my blog today. Short curtains are certainly not popular among my readers :) I'm still contemplating mine, but your added length looks great.