Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Louisiana Comes to Town!

Griff’s sister Noelle, her husband Brian, and their 2 cute kiddos, Renee and Charles, came for a visit this past weekend. We were SO excited to have them here and we took a TON of pictures. Unfortunately Griff’s Mom Toni was unable to make it. We missed you “T”!

LA in town 001 (2) LA in town 043 (2)

Seriously, everyone swings on this swing! Brother–in-Law Brian, sister/sister-in-law Noelle, Little Miss Renee, and Uncle Griff.

LA in town 011 (2) LA in town 015 (2)

LA in town 017 (2)LA in town 025 (2)

Are bubbles like crack to all kids?

LA in town 009 (2)LA in town 012 (2) LA in town 010 (2)

Brian and Noelle rented a car while they were here. A classy, upscale and very grandparent-esk, {not these kids grandparents}, Lincoln Towncar.

LA in town 029

Brian decided it would be easier if we took the TC anywhere we needed to go because of the car seats. I wanted to take it cause, well because the TC is cool. But guess who rode bi*ch in the front seat? Ha! Well this was the plan anyway but once I got in the back with kids Noelle and Griff decided to switch. Damn. Oh well, at least I got a picture. Muahahahahah! We were on our way to a friends house to watch the Texas game. LSU was playing later so they all had their LSU shirts on but not me! I was representin’ my home state! Go horns!

LA in town 030 LA in town 031

Since I act like a kid it was decided I should ride in the back with the kids. Plus I can fit in between the car seats. See my shirt? Texas Fight!

LA in town 033 (3) LA in town 032 (2) LA in town 034 (3)

I think I caught someone letting someone jump on the bed! It’s OK, that’s what Aunt and Uncles are for, spoiling nieces and nephews rotten!

LA in town 077 (2)

This chair was her boat. She was captain of course! Look at my handsome husband!

LA in town 078 LA in town 080 (3) LA in town 083

Charles loves windows!

LA in town 084 LA in town 085

Sigh, we tried.

LA in town 087 (2) LA in town 088 (2) LA in town 090 (2)

With Tropical Storm Hermine rollin’ into town about 5:30 this morning Noelle and Brian were worried if they weren’t going to make their flight at 7pm tonight. So they left for the airport this afternoon to try and get onto an earlier flight. I got a text message from Noelle at about 4:30 letting us know they made it to Houston and were on a flight to New Orleans. I'm super bummed I didn’t get to say goodbye to anyone and give those babies kisses, but we’ll see them again soon so I guess I won’t blame Mother Nature. Huh, Bitch.


  1. Dining room looks great and the curtains awesome. (good job Daddy)
    Momma bec

  2. Love the picturs of the Wager family....and of course you guys....everything looked fun and cute!
    Renee is really growing up.
    momma bec