Friday, August 20, 2010

If Griff were to wear eye shadow…

So last night Griff comes home from jiu-jitsu and tells me that while sparring he decided to block an accidental head butt with his FACE! Yup, just over his left eye, {where one would normally apply eye shadow}, there was a good size bump forming and that area was a lovely shade of blue. Which made me think of Mimi From the Drew Carry Show.


Here is a simple math equation… Griff + Jiu-Jistu + Sparring = purple eyes shadow the following morning. Below is a picture he took at work this morning. Last night his eye was blue. This morning his eye is purple.

0820000828[1] (2) 0820000833[1] (2)

I think purple is a nice shade for him…the color really brings out his green eyes. Uh oh, I better start hiding my makeup.

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  1. Dude, that is seriously cool in a kinda grisly way. Get a good look at this pic, Ryan. You'll know what you're in for when Griff is 40 and cross dressing to recapture his youth. Or something like that...