Thursday, August 19, 2010

Refrigerator Mishap

Whoops. So apparently I was using an “old” tape measure when I measured the space for our new refrigerator cause when she arrived she didn’t fit. Yeah, awesome.


Not only did she not fit but she stuck out into the middle of the kitchen! You had to walk around her to get to the pantry. See where the wall is on the right side? That small wall in between the fridge and the pantry door? Well that’s where the fridge is supposed to be… in line with that wall. But the fridge was about 3 1/2 inches too tall! Oh vey. Now what to do?


Raise the cabinets of course! {Speaking of cabinets, their days are numbered friends. That awful walnut color will not be around for much longer. I’ve just been putting off painting them because I know it’s going to be a booger of a job.} But I digress, back to the fridge issue.

Our good friend Wyatt came over yesterday to help Griff raise the cabinets up 4 inches to accommodate our new lovely. Now she fits perfectly in her new home and she looks fabulous! See how she’s flat with the wall on the right side? Beautiful! I just love this fridge. I love that she’s a side by side. I love that' she’s stainless. I love that she has water and ice in the door. I love that she’s digital. And I really love that she counts how many ounces you are filling up your glass with! What I do not love? I do not love that the cabinets are 4 inches taller. See that cabinet to the left of the fridge? That’s where we keep the cups. And further to the left, {not pictured}, is where we keep the plates and bowls. So guess what else is now sharing the kitchen space with our new shiny friend? A step stool for my little ass. Yup, all 4’11” inches of me now needs a stool to reach the 2nd shelf in these cabinets. I can still reach the bottom where the most used cups, plates, and bowls live, but the 2nd shelf? Fahgetaboutit. Can’t reach. Hey, it’s a small price to pay to look at this beauty everyday.

010 011

Wanna see what we were previously working with? Ugh. She’s like the ugly step sister that has since been band to the garage to begin her new life as a beer fridge. I mean, actually I think living in our kitchen was never her purpose in life anyway. She came with the house and she was never meant to be front and center in the kitchen. The garage has always been her home… we just put her back there… where she belongs.

Masters & Charles Baptism 042 Masters & Charles Baptism 043

The only picture I could find of her old ass was a picture of Griff, my Mom, and I painting the kitchen. Isn’t she awful? Sheesh, I’m glad she’s gone. Oh and for whatever reason there was a screw screwed into the side of the fridge. Why the heck would anyone do that? Like I said, I’m glad she’s gone.

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  1. OK, now wait a minute... my fridge looks remarkably like your old one. Except mine is covered with grime, fingerprints, fridge magnets, photos and notes, prolly your wedding invite is STILL on it. it totally looks like it walked off the set of Roseanne.

    that baby is 23 years old this month, in fact it is, older than Andy by a few months and was a housewarming present from my parents (aka Aunt Loretta and Uncle Paul) when we bought our first house.

    no longer have the husband, still have the fridge. i think it was a good choice to keep the one i did.