Sunday, August 8, 2010

I love these girls.

It goes without saying that I am an animal lover. I mean, love, love, love em’. I especially love these girls! Charley, our first love is on the left. And Eva, our second love is on the right.

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Charley is full yellow lab and we got her from some friends of mine that bread their chocolate lab with their good friend’s black lab. Charley was the only yellow female in the litter. When I heard my friend’s lab had a litter and there was only 1 yellow female I immediately called her to let her know we would love to bring her into our home! Sadly, she said her sister had already called the yellow female. Boo. I was upset but I understood. Her sister just happens to be a good friend of mine and she was in our wedding. When she found out that we wanted the little yellow labby too she called to tell me that she really didn’t have time to care for a dog so if we still wanted her she was ours. Seriously? I about fell out! Just look at this sweet puppy, can you believe this was Charley as a puppy? She was so tiny! Now she’s 65 pounds of crazy, bouncing off the couches, winks at you when you look at her, literally whines when you won’t throw the ball because you’ve already thrown it 900 times that day, kind of fury!

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We put horns on her during her first Halloween cause she was the Devil when she was puppy!


She loves her some tennis ball. Whether it’s chasing them in the water or on land, she doesn’t care. And don’t even think about not throwing the ball cause your arm is tired, she will bark or whine at you to get you to throw it.

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And she might sleep on leather and goose down. Spoiled much?

Birthday Bowling 001 081009_0726[1]

Then there’s our Eva Girl. Sweet Eva who might have started out started out a little shaky but has crept her way into our hearts and is there to stay. Adding another dog to our family of 3 was a bit of an adjustment but we are soooo glad we did. We couldn’t imagine our life without her.

IMG_2635 IMG_2636

She might sleep on leather and goose down too, and she’s always right by my side.

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Eva came to us from my Dad’s cousin Martha. They gave her a loving home but just didn’t have the time to devote to her. And we were more than willing to bring her into our lives. Eva is half yellow lab half Chow. I have to admit being half Chow did scare me a bit at first, but after talking to our vet she assured me that it’s all in how you raise a dog. Once I heard that I never looked back, and I’m so glad I forged ahead with that attitude. We had been thinking about getting another dog so Charley could have a friend to play with while we were at work all day. Over Easter Martha and I got to talking and she mentioned they were looking for a home for Eva. It worked out perfectly, at least if Eva was with us Martha and her family could see her whenever we all got together. We got Eva the week before we moved into our new house, and it was bit of an adjustment. I slept on the floor with her for the first 3 nights because I thought she was scared. Eva had always been an outside dog, she wasn’t used to sleeping inside, or used to being allowed on the couch. Once she realized she wasn’t in trouble and that sleeping inside was ok she calmed down and has just become the sweetest dog ever. She is my “tail” and follows me around every where! She sits on my feet while I’m cooking and leans on my every chance she gets. She loves to snuggle and when she looks up at you with those big brown eyes it just melts your heart.

She is ubber chill and would rather relax than run around.


She not a “throw me the ball and I’ll bring it right back” kind of dog. However, she does play this game where if we are all outside throwing the ball with Charley, Eva will creep out to the middle of the yard and crouch down. Once we throw the ball she pounces into Charley and slams her chest against Charley’s. It makes this loud thud but it doesn’t deter Charley any. Once Eva does this she prances around the yard so proud of herself. Then when Charley gets the ball and starts running back to us Eva chases after her biting her leg or her ears all the way to the back door. It’s hysterical and we laugh so hard every time she does it. Silly Eva Girl.

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We did teach her how to swim though and now she loves the water! She was unsure of the water at first but after watching Charley a few times and realizing that the water is a heck of a lot cooler than standing on land and she’s all about it! {I have video of her swimming but I can’t get the video to load for some reason, ugh!}

These 2 doggies came from completely different backgrounds but have grown to love each other and are now inseparable. We could not imagine our lives without them!

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  1. all i can say is awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww (sniff) what adorable babies. Eva is a completely different dog now. i am sooooooooooo glad you have her. i am going to send you a text with a photo of my desktop on my PC at work. you'll love it!

    i miss Eva more than i ever imagined i would. she was such a Marley when she lived with us it was exhausting. but now look at her. it was the best thing we ever did for her to give her to y'all.

    thank you, ryan and griff. (tear rolling down cheek)