Sunday, February 13, 2011

Frosted glass is my new BFF.

You might have seen this little post about Griff and I installing new lights on our front porch and guest hallway. While we LOVE our new lights, changing the porch light from a motion light to a beautiful hanging pendant posed an entire new problem. See those windows over the door? I heart these windows because this is the only natural light in our dark entry hall. However, now that this new pendant light hangs the light it gives off comes through those little windows like a plane coming in for a landing. Bah-right I tell you. Hmph. Problem.


So we lived with this for a while. But every time we walked through our living room, or stood up after sitting on the sofas in the living room, or came out of our bedroom, {you get the idea}, this new light would smack us in the face. No good. See. Well, it’s hard to see the blinding light through pictures but trust me, it’s no good. No. Good. At. All.

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Then I had an idea. I’ve seen this frosted window film on some of the home deco shows I watch and thought this would be perfect. It would still allow the light to come though but the BRIGHT bulb would not smack us the face every night. Genius! So I ran my hot idea by Griff and he was on board. Yippee! So today, {while Griff is out of town mind you}, I ran up to Home Depot and picked some up. I bought Gila Frosted White Window Film and the Application Kit that came with solution, a squeegee, a micro-fiber cloth, and a knife for cutting. It was super easy to put up once I got the hang of it. Now, having said that, it would have been much easier with another pair of hands. But I wanted it done now and didn’t want to wait for help. Shocking, I know. So up it went and I love it! It works like a charm. The light no longer burns my retinas! Yay for eyes and being able to see!!


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