Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Lights!

Other house project complete! Well 2 projects actually. Woo-hoo!

First, for what ever reason the previous owners installed a motion light to be used as the front porch light. I hated that damn motion sensor. It never worked properly. Sometimes it would come on sometimes it wouldn’t and you’d be left standing there in the dark trying to fiddle with keys. Annoying. So here is the light. Did I mention how ugly it was? Not very welcoming. And not the first impression I wanted to make to my guests. Griff’s Aunt Terri and Uncle Warren gave us a Lowe’s gift card for Christmas so we put it to good use today and bought a a new front porch light! Griff installed it and and it looks fantastic! Who knew I could get so excited over a front porch light? Ugh… do you know me? I live for this stuff!


So here’s Griff installing the light. We are so lucky Griff can do this. It saves us a TON of money since we don’t have to hire an electrician.

010 011

And here she is hanging in all her glory! Isn’t she beautiful!

013 015

017 015

Job complete and here’s a happy Griff!


The second project we Griff completed today was changing out the horrible brass light fixture in the hallway. Ugh, I loath brass. We have about a million brass doorknobs that will one day meet their demise, but that’s another project. Here is the old light fixture. Seriously, who in the world thinks this looks good? Ugh.

002 001

And here is the new light fixture. Soooooo much better!


Look Mom! I installed a light all by myself!


And while we didn’t go to Bed Bath and Beyond, we still had a nice little Saturday.

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