Thursday, February 24, 2011

White Trash Birthday Bash

Since our birthday’s are so close to each other, every year I host a birthday party with my friends Nick, Martin, and James. Last year it was a Mustache & Cleavage Birthday Party. Year before that it was a 70’s Birthday Bash. And this year? This year my friends was the best theme yet. White Trash Birthday Bash. Oh yeeeeeah! So grab a can of The Beast, light that fresh cigarette with the cigarette already lit in your mouth and get ready for some great pics. Just please don’t burn the plastic on the couch with your cigarette ash. That shiz lights up like the dead Christmas tree in the corner. {Sorry got back into character there for a second.}

First there were the decorations.

White Trash Bash 008 White Trash Bash 009

Of course there’s the traditional clothes line complete with giant red lace panties and a 48DD bra courtesy of the Dollar Store. And the Confederate Flag hung with care over the fire place.

White Trash Bash 010 004

Grandma’s afghan blanket. {Not my grandma but someone’s Grandma I’m sure.} And a majestic deer in a field of bluebonnets with unicorn’s on the back of the toilet. Yup, class. Pure class.

Let’s move onto outside decorations shall we?

White Trash Bash  (2) White Trash Bash 020

Christmas lights. Flamingos. Complete with Duck Tape.

White Trash Bash 049

A toilet. Don’t worry, it wasn’t used. Eeeew, gross.

What did we eat you ask? Well allow me to show you, we had all the classics.

White Trash Bash 011

Crackers adorned with Cheese in a Can and Vienna Sausages.

White Trash Bash 012 White Trash Bash 013

Twinkies. Mac & Cheese and Weenies.

White Trash Bash 015 White Trash Bash 016

Pig-n-Blankets, GIANT pickles in a jar, and Spam sandwiches.

White Trash Bash 017 White Trash Bash 018

And the cake. I loved this cake! Amy made the trailer, complete with tin foiled windows, curtains, and Christmas lights. {The lights were actually made for a doll house.} I bought a $5 Barbie and gave her black roots, a cigarette, a black eye and a hickey. We crushed up Oreo’s to make it look like dirt and stuck her in the cake. Amy found a doll house TV that we through in the yard cake, and I found a small dog with 3 little puppies and put them in the yard cake too.


So… onto the costumes! Get ready, there’s some good ones. First let’s start off with me and Griff.

I seriously peed a little when Griff put on this mullet wig. I was laughing so hard, it looked SOOO good! Well, not good as in I want him to grow a real one out. You get what I mean. I had a black eye and a nice fresh hickey on my neck. Both of which were put on with make-up. We black out some of our teeth. I had a beautiful scorpion tattoo on my left shoulder blade and Griff had a black panther on his rib cage. Horrible blue eye shadow, caked on mascara, and teal, jelly, bedazzled, gladiator sandals completed my ensemble.

White Trash Bash 024

Here are some more great costumes!

White Trash Bash 021 White Trash Bash 022 White Trash Bash 027White Trash Bash 045

White Trash Bash 029 White Trash Bash 030

White Trash Bash 025759

White Trash Bash 023758

Our friends Wes & Poppy brought us a Santa Claus piñata. Great idea, except for the candy that landed everywhere. Bad for doggies.

White Trash Bash 033 White Trash Bash 036

White Trash Bash 042

For some reason, I don’t have a picture of Nick taking his turn with the piñata. Damn margarita’s got in the way! Or Vodka. Whichever.

The party was a blast and everyone had a great time!

Thanks to Martin for bringing the keg. Nick for the Margarita Machine. Griff and David for helping us set up. And Elizabeth and Amy for helping me finishing setting up and baking the cake!

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