Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow! In Texas?

Yes! Snow in Texas! I’m sure everyone reading this blog, that lives in Texas anyway, got some sort of snow last night. Or at least some winter weather. It’s been COLD here lately. 2 nights ago it was 17 degrees at our house. 17 degrees! And last night we got snow! When I went to bed last night it was just cold and there was no snow yet. But when I woke this morning I woke up to this.

Snow 010 Snow 011

Snow 012

I took these pictures at 6:20ish this morning. When I came back inside my phone was ringing. It was my boss telling me not to come in. Score! No. Damn! I had a ton of stuff to do today. Crap. Ah well, all is not lost. Maybe I’ll tackle that mound of laundry building a fort in our closet. Maybe.

Charley has never seen snow before and as far as I know Eva hasn't either. When I opened the door to let them out this morning Eva took off like “yay, this stuff us cool!”. Charley looked at me “uh, excuse me. My feet are cold, let me back in!” Spoiled doggies.

Snow 031

But quickly they got used to the cold under their feet and started to play.

Snow 024Snow 022 Snow 023

We received about and inch to an inch and 1/2 of snow, maybe 2. And I just noticed it’s snowing again. Griff unfortunately had to go to work. He only works an 8th of a mile from our house and his bosses know that. Needless to say he was not a happy camper leaving me and the doggies this morning all cuddled up on the couch. That’s how I feel every morning when I leave for work and he’s still in bed.

Snow 033 Snow 034

Yay for snow days!!

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