Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Wedding ring? What wedding ring?

Well I'm sure it had to happen sometime. Griff lost his wedding ring. Well... he lost it for a couple of hours at least. We found it but not with out a trip to Academy for a metal detector.

This is a picture of our backyard.

We love the backyard in our little rent house because it backs up the the Greenbelt and we see deer on a regular basis. So rewind to last Saturday. Griff comes homes from a day of playing paintball and suggests we make some frozen margaritas, sit our on back porch, open up our back gate and throw the ball with Charley. {Do you see where this is going?} So we're sittin', and we're throwin'. Griff is on the left side of me and from the way he's sitting he's having to throw the ball with his right hand. {Griff is left handed.} Charley is very vocal when she doesn't like something and she'll bark or growl and let you know. So she starts in with the growling and we assume it's because Griff, throwing with his right hand, is not throwing the ball far enough for Charley. So Griff stands up, walks out into the yard, and tells Charley he's "gonna huck this ball". And he does... along with his wedding ring. Yup, that's right, his wedding ring came flying off his finger and landed some where in those woods you see in the above picture. Awesome.

Much to Griff's amazement, {and probably yours}, I didn't freak out. I mean, he didn't mean to huck his ring into the woods right? The ring that was placed on his finger the day he married the love of his life. The ring that holds so much sentimental value? He didn't mean to, I'm sure of it. No seriously, all kidding aside, he didn't mean too.

So the search begins. And continues. And continues. And continues, and it's getting darker by the minute. Then I suggest he should go to Academy, get a metal detector and we can return it the next day after we find the ring. {Sorry Academy but desperate times call for desperate measures and you guys sure are proud of your metal detectors judging by the price.}
So anyway, Griff comes back with the metal detector we put it together and start searching. And we're finding things! Just not wedding rings. Damn. Keep searching. Losing light. After 30 minutes of searching I start to cry. "Beep, beep, beep" "OMG, this is it, I can feel it!!" "EUREKA!!!" We found it!!!! Then I start to cry again.
So like I said, I guess it had to happen sometime.

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