Thursday, March 25, 2010

Nothing much to report on the Dabadie front ‘cept a few odds and ends.

The purchase of our first home is still moving forward. Yay! {Not fast enough in my opinion} We are just going through the motions of waiting for the much anticipated closing date. Just about every night Griff and talk about the “new” house. We talk about the yard and the fact that we can’t wait to mow and weed it. {Seriously, the back yard is a jungle} We talk about paint colors, appliances, and granite counter tops. We talk about all the “firsts” we will have together in our new home. I am so lucky to have married my best friend and love of my life and I couldn’t imagine sharing this experience with anyone else.

Our Charley girl is doing well. Last Saturday morning Griff took her to the Vet to get her yearly shots. Can you believe she weighs 67 pounds now? Everyone at the Vet said how pretty she is and how shinny her coat is. {I’m sure it has nothing to do with the $75 dog food we feed her each month, or the bacon flavored or rotisserie chicken flavored sauce we put on her food each night. Did I mention she’s a bit spoiled?} She is seriously the light of our lives and we fall in love with her all over again every day. {In reality we know she’s a “dog” but she’s our child, I mean dog} She goes crazy for car rides so she can stick her head out the window and feel the breeze in her face. She’s crazy for sticks, {even if they are still attached, poor trees never saw her comin’}, and crazy for tennis balls, of any color. She naws on those poor tennis balls and gets them good and gummy for ya, gross.

Here is an older pic of Charley with her beloved tennis ball.

My parents yellow labby, {RIP Sonora}, L-O-V-E-D her some tennis balls too but only the original neon yellow colored ones. Sonora would have nothing to do with the colored tennis balls you get from places like Pet Smart or Pet-Co. And just like all the dogs in our family, spoiled Miss Sonora got what she wanted.

Here are couple of older pics of Sonora at the bay house.

This weekend I’m going home to Atascocita to help Mom organize the mounds of stuff she plans to sell at her garage sale next month. {I’m hoping I can score some goodies for myself too!!} I know one weekend of organizing Mom’s stuff will not be enough but I am booked solid for like the next month with Easter at the ranch, weddings to attend 2 different weekends, and moving to our first home. I’m also excited to be going home to see my Sydney girl. Sydney is my brother’s daughter and too cute for words! She just turned 5 in January and she’s more than half my height already. {Let’s be real, that’s not hard to do.} Everything that comes out of that girl’s mouth cracks me up and I can’t wait to see her!

Here is an older pic of sweet Miss Sydney!

Till next time! I hope everyone is doing well and having a wonderful week.

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