Monday, February 8, 2010

Who Dat?! Who Dat?!

Who Dat say goin' beat dem Saints? Um... NOT Payton and his beloved Colts. Yesterday Griff and I, along with a whole slew of our friends, went to our friends Myles & Shana's house to watch the game. Um... I love me some football especially when the Saints win!! And thank God they did, because can I just tell you my ride home with my football fanatic husband would have been horrible!!

So Shana told me not to bring anything but of course you can't come empty handed to a Super Bowl Party, so we brought brownie's, which were gone in like a nano-second, and pop-corn Chex-Mix; so easy and sooo good!! And speaking of food, so you might notice a little picture to the right of some cupcakes. Take a good gander at those delicious puffs of pastry would ya? Thaaaaaat's right, the genius working at the HEB Bakery spelled the word "bowl" wrong. Yup, those spectacular examples of human specimens spelled out Super Boll, instead of Super Bowl. Wow.

A BIG thanks to Myles and Shana for hosting the Super Bowl festivities again this year!! We had a blast and can't wait to do it again soon. Love you guys!!

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