Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy Hour at Han's!

So last week Hannah was sweet enough to host our "not so weekly since I've been married" happy hour. These little girls nights out used to be a weekly event. Tuesday nights are Top Shelf Tuesday at Trudy's and we took them up on their 2 drink maximum when ordering their delicious Mexican Martini's. Seriously, you think, "only two!", but yes, only 2. Two is all you need. So anyway, since Griff and I got married, he moved in and Amy moved out, and waaaaay too South, our little weekly gossip sessions are few and far between. Tottinos Pizza and Vodka and Diet Coke have replaced the Mexi Marts and queso, but the company is still just as good, maybe even better. So last week I asked Han if Charley could come with me since Griff was going to be at his Ninja class late that night. Han was sweet and obliged, even though she has 2 cats. In my rush to get home from work, get Charley, and get to Han's I forgot to bring any of Charley's toys. I knew she'd get bored and want something to play with. Han found one of her cats old stuffed animals, looked sort of like a sock monkey, and gave it to Charley to play with. I warned her that Charley does not do well with stuffed animals as she thinks the object is to rip the poor animal to shreds and pull out the stuffing. Take a look at the massacre.

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