Thursday, February 18, 2010

Birthday Bowling and I score mored than a 31!

So yesterday for my birthday I wanted to go bowling and bowling we did!!! I forget how much I L-O-V-E to bowl and I'm not such a shabby bowler if I do say so myself. We played 3 games and in one game I scored a 129!! We went to Main Event; which... bonus, isn't too far from our house. We of course started the night off with a few drinks to get the arms loose and ready for some serious bowling.

Sarah, one of my co-workers turned awesome friend, joined us and brought me a cheesecake!! Any one who knows me knows I'm not a huge fan of sweets and especially not a huge fan of cake. {Growing up my Mom always got me a cheesecake for my birthday instead of cake.} The cheesecake was delicious, I might have had 2 pieces, I'm just sayin'. Thank you sweet Sarah for thinking of me and my need for cheesecake!

So the boys were having a bit of trouble keeping from hitting the foul line. Some of them even fell which was funny to see. I was only able to catch Wyatt on the ground and then he did what he called "Alley Angels". You can imagine what I'm talking about, think snow angels but in a bowling alley, hence the name Alley Angels :)

So glad "my girls" were able to make it out for my birthday! Even poor tired pregnant Shana made it out. Poor girl, she's a trooper though and bowled right along with us!

Amy, Wyatt and Hannah worked on perfecting their Cupid Shuffle. My mother-in-law Toni absolutely LOVES this song so I have to give a shout out to her!Toni we were most definitely thinking of you while this song was playing! "Down, down, do your dance, do your dance. Down, down, do your dance, do your dance."

And of course I had to get a few pictures with my wonderful husband! Griff brought back the pterodactyl in this first picture, I knew that damn bird would make another appearance sometime. Don't we make a cute pair. All together now.... "awe".

Thank you to everyone that came out to celebrate my turning 31. Ah, geez, 31... insert long sigh here.

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