Sunday, April 10, 2011

Louisiana Swamp Thang

Yesterday a bunch of us loaded up the coolers and headed to Buda, {a small town just South of Austin}, for The Louisiana Swamp Thing and Crawfish Festival. Crawfish season is in full force and we’ve been taking full advantage and eatin’ as many “mud bugs” as we can. We’ve had crawfish the last 2 weekends and about 4 times already this year.

Events  Louisiana Swamp Thing and Crawfish Festiv

Of course Griff donned his LSU gear. Martin and Hannah rode with us.


Serious party foul. Griff ran over to “help” pick up and was given the stern head shake no.


There were Zydeco bands galore and plenty of shopping to do. We thought this tent was particularly funny. Nothing like getting straight to the point huh?


Elizabeth, Nick, Wyatt, Andrew Brandon, Lauren and Kim got there a bit before we did so they were able to secure a nice spot under the trees. It was H-O-T yesterday but there was a nice breeze.


It was nice days just hanging with friends and eatin’ pounds and pounds of crawfish.

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