Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ranch Clean Up

In preparation for Easter Griff and I , { and a bunch of our family}, went out to the ranch to help give her a good scrub down. Easter weekend my entire family, {all 70+ if us}, are heading to the ranch, and as much fun as we have out there she was da-her-tee!

Griff and the boys cut a TON of fire wood so we would have plenty on hand for bon fires.


My Dad and my Uncle Brad mowed the lawn. Not all 500 acres but a lot no the less.


Me and the girls cleaned the inside. Washed windows, screens, dusted, ya know, the usual.


We had to move the chicken coop into the shade. This is no ordinary chicken coop mind you. My Uncle Jim, {who owns the ranch}, also owns a steal & metal company, which means this chicken coop is made from steal and is hev-ee! So we had to use the tracker to move it.


Me and my Daddy.


Another of my Uncles, Uncle Alan, is building his house on 10 acres of land on the same 500 acre property as the main house.  I took a few pictures of the progress. {The first 2 pictures are looking at this house while standing in his shop}


This is his view from his master bedroom and what he will see every morning when he wakes. Nice.


Griff and I tried to go fishing but Charley wouldn’t stay on the shore. She swam out to the middle of the lake and we had no choice but to put her the boat.  The motor go caught in some weeds so Griff had to paddle us out of it.


Look at this girl… staring at her ball. Always staring at her ball. Wondering why the people around her are not ALWAYS throwing her ball.


When we were finished cleaning we feasted on steaks and all kinds of sides and fixin’s. Then partied into the night.  At 5:30 in the morning after everyone had gone to sleep LONG AGO, me, 2 of my Uncles, Alan and Brad, and my Cousin David decided to leave a little present for the early risers the next morning. We made a food obstacle course. {Notice my Uncles making the “who us?” faces.}


Dear Lord was this fun. My checks hurt the next day from laughing so hard. And to be honest, when I finally woke up, {at 10am}, I forgot about our present until I was reminded by my Aunts.

I love my crazy family!

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