Thursday, April 28, 2011

Annual Easter Picnic/60th Raney Family Reunion

I can’t believe Easter has already come and gone. This year has just flew by waaaaaaaaaaay to quickly. Why is it that when you a kid time takes for-ever to pass. And when you’re an adult time goes by too quickly? I don’t know but wanna go back to being a kid again.

The past few years we’ve had our annual Raney Easter Picnic at my aunt and uncle’s ranch in Cistern, Texas. About an hour outside of Austin and about 3 hours outside of Houston. Before that it was at my Dad’s cousin and her husband’s place in Tomball. And before that it was at my parents house in Humble, {just north of Houston}. This “little” shin dig has been going on for 60 years! Can you believe that?! 60 years of Raney’s getting together to eat, play games and visit. And what used to be an afternoon of fun has now turned into a 4 day extravaganza!

First we started off last Thursday night at my Dad’s cousin’s restaurant Sam Bet’s here in Austin. It’s a kick ass cajun food place and serves damn good food and is BYOB. What’s better than good food and cheap beer? The company you share it with of course! Now, my entire family was not there of course, because some were traveling in and some had to work on Friday, but there were a good showing of people and we had a great time. Aunt Catherine hired a band for the night and man were they good. I wish I remembered their name. Anyhoo, I took a picture of just 1 of the 2 walls lined with hundreds of bottles of hot sauce that she sells there.

Easter 2011 001Easter 2011 002Easter 2011 003Easter 2011 004

Mom and Dad stayed with us Thursday night. I had to work on Good Friday, {just in the morning}, but Griff didn’t so he went to pick up the pop up trailer we rented for the weekend and Mom headed the grocery store to get supplies. Dad had a little too much fun the night before so he slept. And napped. And slept. And napped. Just kidding Dad, you helped chop veggies, cleaned out our cooler & loaded the car. Mom got so many groceries {she was shopping for the both of us}, that I just had to get a picture of the tornado that came through my kitchen.

Easter 2011 005Easter 2011 007Easter 2011 008

We made bacon wrapped pineapple, pasta salad, cupcakes, deviled eggs, and Aunt Frannie’s baked beans with bacon! {I forgot to take a picture of the eggs and pasta salad. But you’ve seen them before so you know what they look like.}

Easter 2011 011Easter 2011 013Easter 2011 014

Once all the cooking was done, we loaded up the cars and headed East. {that sounds like a line from a country western song.}

Easter 2011 015Easter 2011 016

When we got to the ranch David and Aaron helped us set up the trailer. I love my family. We arrive and literally within minutes someone has come over to help you unload your car. Or in this case, set up your trailer. We usually have a bed at the ranch to sleep in but this was our 60th reunion so we got booted for the older folks.

Easter 2011 017Easter 2011 018Easter 2011 019Easter 2011 020

Friday night we had crawfish for dinner, courtesy of my Aunt Catherine {which is technically my Dad’s cousin, but with a family this large everyone becomes an aunt or uncle at some point.} Catholics can’t eat meat on Friday during Lent. However, fish is acceptable. And as far as I can tell crawfish has the word “fish” in it, so we were good to go! Griff, being the token Coon Ass was told asked to cook the crawfish and man what a job he did! I swear I wasn’t a crawfish snob until I met Griff. His crawfish are legendary!

Easter 2011 022Easter 2011 023Easter 2011 024Easter 2011 026Easter 2011 028Easter 2011 029

Saturday was met with more cooking and more eating. Oh, and more drinking. There’s no law against drinking during Lent. Thank you Jesus.

Easter 2011 032Easter 2011 036Easter 2011 034Easter 2011 040

In the midst of all the cooking/cleaning Mom lost her sunglasses. She told everyone to be on the lookout for a pair of Raybans. For about 30 minutes we looked for the darn things and couldn’t find them anywhere. That is… until I opened the oven and found this. I believe my exact words were, “Mom. I think I found your sunglasses.” They had been hooked to the front of her shirt and when she bent over to put the beans in the oven they must have fallen out. And there they sat. Baking up nice and crisp. Well first they melted. Then they were crisp.

Easter 2011 038Easter 2011 039

Saturday evening, {while Griff was fishing}, me, Mom and Dad all went for a ride in the old mail truck my Uncle Steve bought. Dad decided it was too dusty to ride in the back so he rode up top. Well, he first started out on the hood, then moved to the roof.

Easter 2011 050Easter 2011 051Easter 2011 052Easter 2011 053

Saturday night my cousin Christopher and I were in a dancin’ mood and decided to remedy that urge with some serious 2 steppin’! We must have dance around the pool table for 2 hours. He flipped me in the air and away we went. I had SO much fun. My right food paid the consequences though. She’s a bit bruised and battered. But that only because I kept getting my foot caught under his steal toe boot.

Easter 2011 068Easter 2011 069Easter 2011 070

Easter 2011 072Easter 2011 073

On Sunday we all woke up had a great breakfast and then had church in the main house. It was awesome to look around the room and think about all we all are related. By marriage or by blood, we are all a family. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful, loving, sweet, kind hearted family. I love that we still all get together for times like these and I love that the below picture is all 69 of us. All 69 people I am related to and hold so close to my heart. Well 65 of us are pictured here. There were 4 MIA relatives that were at the ranch but for some reason did not make it into the picture.

Raney Family Pinic 2011

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter with the ones they love.

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