Sunday, May 8, 2011

What a weekend!

Whoa! What a weekend. Griff’s Mom and boyfriend Frank, & Griff’s Aunt Terri and Uncle Warren came in from Baton Rouge (BR) this weekend. This was also Mother’s Day weekend and the weekend of Pecan Street Festival. We had a blast, my abs hurt from laughing, and I am a little sun burned from the festival.

Friday night we went to our fav Mexican restaurant Jardin & Corona. Not only is this place just around the corner from our house, which makes it super convenient, but they have the best margaritas and salsa. Being a Texas girl, I’ve had my fair share of ritas and salsa so I tend to judge a Mexican food place by the amount if tequila in their reeters and the hotness of their salsa and this restaurant is hands down the BEST. Anyway, I’m not here to plug the place I’m here to talk about the night.  Here are a couple of pictures. The 1st picture is of Uncle Warren helping Aunt Terri with her GRANDE margarita. And the 2nd is all of us after our dinner. From left to right, Aunt Terri, Griff, me, Griff’s Mom Toni, boyfriend Frank, and Uncle Warren.


Saturday morning I made breakfast and all we got ready to head downtown to the Pecan Street Festival. Austin’s famous 6th Street used to be called Pecan Street and once a year Austin puts on a festival with tons of booths to buy jewelry, art, funky fun stuff, food, and whatever else people want to sell.  Here are some pics from the day.


Aunt Terri and Uncle Warren bought Griff and I that dog print hanging on the wall in front of Griff. It a pic of 2 yellow labbies (just like our girls), and 1 lab is holding up bunny ears behind the other lab.


When I saw Smurfette walking down the street I was immediately brought back to my childhood love of the Smurf’s. I had an entire Smurf birthday once when I was a kid.  Frank and Toni toss bean bags at the Luzianne Tea tent. Sweet tea. “It’s the house wine of the south.” That’s a quote from one of my favorite movies, Steel Magnolia’s.


Uncle Warren got his daiquiri. In a yard glass of course! And here’s some random one man band.


Aunt Terri and some corn on the cob. Mmmmm. And Griff trying on some hats. Mmmmmm. Ha!


Look at this Airstream covered in old ashtrays! They were trying to make a No Smoking statement. And seriously, you could smell the old smoke smell in the air. Ugh.


Everyone looking over  at the river below. And on the right is the largest grill in the world. It’s an giant 18 wheeler with a GAINT grill. Ka-razy!


Saturday night we ate dinner at Oasis. It’s a restaurant that over looks Lake Travis and the place is beautiful. It’s unofficially officially The Sunset Capital of Texas. I mean just look at these pictures. 





There were too many of us to “technically” ride in one car, but we made it work. I rode home from the restaurant in the back, back of my own car!


What a great weekend! We love being around family and love sharing our home with loved ones. After all, a house is just a house unless you share it with the ones you love. Only then, does it become a home.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and are having a great Mother’s Day. I love you Mom! 

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  1. Thanks for a great weekend Ryan and Griff. It was sooo much fun, but much too short. Let's do it again soon.