Sunday, March 27, 2011

St. Patrick’s Day

My brother Sean and his co-worker Eric were in town on St. Patrick’s Day. They work for our parents company, Surface Systems of Texas and the job they were doing was like 5 minutes away from our house so they decided to stay with us. Eric’s parents are actually friends with our parents, they were at my wedding, and my first job at the snow cone stand was with his older sister Tiffany. So it’s not like I just let some unknown dude crash our pad.

Sean and Eric are really into Frisbee Golf and there just happed to be a course right by our house. {Griff and I had no idea.} They wanted to go play a few holes before we went out to dinner. So we loaded up a cooler and hit the links.


Sean and Eric throwing.


Griff and me throwing.


Griff and Sean goofing off.


The course was really pretty, which made for a tough course actually. There were a ton of trees that were perfect Frisbee obstacles.


Griff threw his Frisbee over the fence and it landed on the train tracks. He had to climb through a barb wired fence to get it. Whoops.


After we finished playing, {only 9 holes}, we headed home so we could change for dinner. We went to Texas Land and Cattle and had a steak on Dad. {Since Sean and Eric stayed with us Dad bought us dinner.} Thanks Dad!!

We had a great time hanging out, Eric was a fantastic guest, and we had full bellies to boot!

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