Sunday, March 27, 2011

New Couch Love!

Finally! We’ve bought our new couch and we love it!

I bought our old couches by myself before I moved to Austin about 11 years ago. While we loved their deep cushions and ridiculous softness they had out lived there time with us.


The boys had taken off the pick up the couch so I took this time to vacuum the heck out of the rug and floors. The room looks so bare!


We saved money by pickup the couches and moving them ourselves. I don’t even want to know what their delivery charge would have been. Our friends Wyatt and Andrew helped us move em’.


Andrew wasted no time breaking her in.


And here she is. Isn’t she great! See that corner area where the 2 sides meet? We call that spot “the nook” and Griff and I battle for that spot every time we sit on the couch.


Here’s the back of the couch looking at her from the kitchen and then from the dinning room.


Here’s looking from the entry hall and standing in the corner behind the leather chair.


I have to say when we got her home Griff and I were a bit worried about her softness, seeing as we were coming from the worlds softest couch. But later that same day we both ending up taken a nap on her. And there has since been a few naps actually.

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