Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Your My Babe Blue!

Most of you know by now just how much Griff and I love Halloween. We start thinking about what we are going to dress up as sometime in September and we count the days, or should I say nights, until Halloween gets here! And this year was no exception. Can you guess what we were?

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Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox of course!

Griff costume was pretty easy, he owned everything except the axe, the shirt and suspenders which we bought at Wally World. Of course in true Griff fashion he had to cut the sleeves off the shirt.

I made my horns from Model Magic, which is similar to Play-Doh except when it dries it’s bendable. Then I hot glued them to a head band.

018 019

I made the ears our of Foam Sheets and bent them until they looked like cow ears, or in this case ox ears, and hot glued those as well.


We started out the night meeting up at Hannah’s house with Amy, Han, and Rachel. {Griff rolled 6 deep that night.} He had 6 girls to deal with. Not sure if that was a good thing for him or not.

Hannah was a penguin, Rachel was Tony Romo, broken clavicle included, and Amy was a lion tamer. The 2 other girls, Sarah and Britney, met up with us later.

003 006

OK. Are you ready for the party pictures? As you continue looking you can tell when things started to get hazy for some of us. I’m just sayin’. Enjoy and don’t judge. It was a Taco Cabana kinda night/morning m’kay?

009 017 028

Sarah was a My Little Pony, {I made her costume}. Britney was a fairy… I think, I don’t really remember.

73719_120978417963719_100001546846549_131395_3842764_n 33787_120978531297041_100001546846549_131398_8139993_n


Not sure what’s going on here.

150366_120978231297071_100001546846549_131389_2231062_n 149144_120978191297075_100001546846549_131388_7360018_n

Stop judging.


Fart Faces.


I lost my horns and ears. Damn. Now I’m just a blue person.

013 014

020 030

33487_120978494630378_100001546846549_131397_2329501_n 022

Thanks for a great Halloween girls! Can’t wait to do it again next year! Griff, thank you for taking care of all of our crazy asses that night! I love you!

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